June 29, 2010

Day 29 [Love has a curious way of finding its way through oceans and skies; distance is never a barrier.]

Got a letter from Pat today. It was from three days, combined. They were obviously busy last week. Apparently he had pneumonia and didn't tell me. He's doing fine though! He sounds happy and content. He talked about all the pt'ing and obstacle course kicked his ass but he did well. He also told me about what he eats and how he realizes all the things he takes for granted down there. And how he reminisces to himself about me and about all the things were going to do =) It was a nice letter. Swim week started today, and I hope he's doing good. He was nervous about the floating. But Shuler had informed us that its not normal floating. They wear these jackets and they blow them up and they have to float for a few minutes or something and you just keep blowing into the jacket. Pat will be fine, I know it.

On a bad note: I lost Pat's letter from the other day. The REALLY GOOD one =( I had it on the bed shelves the other night because I was going to read it before I fell asleep and decided I was too tired. I left it there, like I always do, and now its missing. I'm really upset because it was the best letter I've received and it had all the things I needed to hear in it. I'm so upset. I don't remember putting it anywhere else and the only other place could have been my gym bag. (I take it to work with me and sometimes I think I'll want to read the letters on break, although I never do) But I really don't remember putting it in there! I'm so pissed at myself. Hopefully it'll turn up.

I have to work today and I don't want to. I think I've been complaining about not wanting to work a lot because its always the same shift. 3 to midnight. And I never get a break from it! Everyone else gets 4-10s, 3-10, 6-2am, but I'm stuck with 3-12s the whole month?? UGH. And then to make matters worse, for whatever reason I was scheduled EIGHT days in a row... they're ALL TILL MIDNIGHT. Really now? What exactly did I do to deserve that. Uhm, I'll tell you. NOTHING. Because I bust my ass at that place and they're lucky they have an employee like me. I'm so pissed. I really hate them.

I'm gonna get ready for work.
[Good luck to the recruits of platoon 2058 on their first day of swim quals!]

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