June 18, 2010

Day 18 [LettersOfLove]

:) I'm happy today. Got another letter from Pat and he said he would also write me every day!! I'm so happy to know that. He says he "expects" me to write every day to or he'll be pissed lol... he's missing some of my letters and I think that's why he thinks I'm not writing a lot. He also said... something about this little thing... called...


He says he wants to when he gets home and then I can come to Camp Leguene(sp?) with him after SOI!! Aghhh!! I told him I want it to be a surprise still... so he can't openly talk about it or 'plans' =) He said he was going to ask for recruiter's assistant also so he could stay for a month.

I'm sooo happy!!! I love my baby!

I'm running really late and have to work in a little so I'll update more tomorrow!


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