June 26, 2009

Some quick Randomness...

♥ I have a blog about MJ and Farrah Fawcett but its in a draft on an APP on my itouch... and I can't connect to the apartment's internet because I don't have the password. SOOO... later today when I go to the house it will be POSTED.

♥♥ I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle! FOR REAL!! I really want to!!

♥♥♥ I have to remember to post a blog about MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA!

♥♥♥♥ I'm going to the gym to workout and SWIM! :) The pool is AWESOME! And my tan is coming along very nicely!

♥♥♥♥♥ I don't know if I told ya'll this... (apoligize if I already did) Pat went to Cleveland and made it into the Marines! He just has to wait for a date to leave for bootcamp!

♥♥♥♥♥♥ I passed the shifters test!!!

I think that's enough for right now ;)
Have a good day!

June 25, 2009

Death of Icons

Rest in peace Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

Today seemed to start of great. I woke up to news of the Cleveland Cavaliers, my home state pro basketball team(Ohio), receiving Shaq through the draft! Not only is Shaq a great player but he's like a legend! I've known his name since I was little and for him to be a part of my home state, is like a dream! I'm very excited to see him play in Cleveland next season and I will definitely be at, at least, one game.
The day went on being very relaxing and fun. Then while we were at Happy Hour for drinks, at the Youngstown Sports Grille, mom received a phone call. Thinking nothing of it, Pat and I continued eating. After a minute mom blurted out that Michael Jackson died! Only an hour before this I told her that I saw on Twitter, Farrah Fawcett had died. So when she said this, I was like "No way, you're lying!"
It's unbelieveable! Putting anything he's ever done wrong aside, he's an icon and he's gone! Icons are not suppose to die. He's one of those celebrities you just don't think will ever die. It puts things in perspective. That life really does end, even for the rich and famous. It's hard to grasp that he's really gone. I'll never be able to see him in concert ever. I envy people who have. It's crazy. He really will be missed. But he'll live on through his music. Which no one can deny he was and will always be the King of Pop.

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June 23, 2009


I do not have all the information but there is proof. As soon as I get the sites I will post them so you all have an idea of this problem.

Ohio companies/employers are sending out advertisements and job listings for opening positions in their companies. Obviously this is normal. But is it normal when they are trying to see how bad you want a job in this economy that they will not pay you? They are offering positions that you will not make a wage or salary. This is not a joke. The positions are mainly you running around doing numerous things at once and not being compensated for it. Some positions allow you to make a very low wage (around minimum) but you must use your car, gas, etc and will not be compensated for it at all. Other positions are hiring you but you are agreeing to not have pay for this amount of months and expected to wait it out until you qualify for a wage. Which in that case they will probably lay you off before this can happen so they can save money and not fulfill their commitment. In the end it comes down to companies using you for all things possible. Knowing the economy is bad and people NEED jobs, they will see how much YOU will do for it. Making you work excess amount of hours with no overtime pay, putting wear and tear on your own vehicle, using your own gas, running errands multiple times a day and more. Please be careful while you are job hunting. There are always jobs available but they might be hard to find and sometimes you do need the right timing. If you can or can not get unemployment, you should still speak to the unemployment office or places like One-Stop. They can help you be aware of job openings, schooling, and so much more. They will also tell you if a job is honestly worth it or not. They are here to help and you should use them! Its like paying all these taxes and not using what you paid for! Don't fall behind, get educated!


June 19, 2009

Important websites that you should know about!

Its all about me :) Everything you want to know about me, you can find within these sites! You can find out what I am doing at this very second, what kind of books I read, what kind of movies I love, what my hobbies are, what my interest are, what my friends look like! Its all here! ::

1.) http://www.imdb.com/mymovies/list?l=42323226 This database is *brand new* for me! I love it. It has my complete movie collection and many movies/tv shows I have seen. It also lets you rate or vote them, so you guys can see what I think about any movie!

2.) Twitter! I usually tweet up to 20 times a day. And its never spam and I'm never trying to make money! I am actually tweeting about what I am doing RIGHT THEN. Or how I feel about something! (I'm actually using twitter for the reasons they made it; to tell you what I am doing)

3.) Myspace I hate myspace and I think they are very stupid in how they run it. I do keep it because my pictures are stored there and its easy. So if you ever ask to be my friend you can learn about my friends, see my pics, read some past blogs, and etc!

4.) My Google Profile! I ♥ GOOGLE! Here you can also find this list of useful sites and more! It has a little more about me, personally. It also has pics and my contact info.

5.) My Google Library A list of books I have read and decided to keep track of. Provides ratings and reviews!

6.) Facebook Maybe more information about me than Myspace.

I think that's all for right now. I'm sure there's other sites but that's good enough for right now :)

June 18, 2009

American Pie 2; Review

Got my free DVD from Columbia House in the mail the other day! I ordered American Pie 2 because it brings back memories! I love it, no matter how raunchy it is! It always makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood. Yes it is a sexually humorous movie about a group of friends just out of their freshman year of college, but its dead on! It portrays exactly how young people are! About having a good time with friends, their crazy relationships, sexual encounters (and you can't tell me, no one is trying to have sex!), and one crazy summer that they will remember forever! I love the cast: Jason Biggs, Tara Reid, Seann William Scott, Chris Klein, Shannon Elizabeth, Alyson Hannigan, Mena Suvari, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Eugene Levy, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and all the others! The soundtrack to this movie is probably one of the best soundtracks ever. Not only is it great music and songs, it fits this movie perfectly. The music is exactly right. The movie also teaches lessons in funny ways. Take for example, Jason Biggs's character Jim. He has all these embarrassing things happen to him and he stays strong and doesn't let them discourage him. All in all, this movie is always good for a laugh!

I have to cut it short tonight... I'm getting tired and I have lots to do tomorrow. Its my only day off! :) And don't forget to follow me on twitter to get to know me more! twitter.com/jubie2o

June 17, 2009

Don't forget me when I'm gone

I saw a funeral procession today. I always get sad when I see them or if I pass a funeral home and there's a funeral going on right then. Then it makes me think, who would really show up at mine? Or how many cars would actually follow me to the cemetary?

I would want my friends and family to celebrate my life, not mourn my death. I think I would leave in my will directions and money for them to have a party and have a good time remembering me. I don't want them to be sad that I'm gone, but to be happy I was here and happy they got to share my life with me. And I do belive death isn't the end. I don't know what's out there for us or our souls but I think it a beginning to something new.

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June 14, 2009

Patrick, oh the things that come out of your mouth!

"You know you're a fat ass when you can name every fast food/resturant in your city. You know you're an extreme fat ass when you can name their menus." Pat Carey

"He can shine my parts whenever he wants!"
Pat Carey

"Lets get nautical, baby" Pat Carey

"Forget your laptop, you just got the best 'PC' on the market!" Pat Carey

"I don't dodge it, I RAM IT!" Pat Carey

"Who are you twattering now?" Pat Carey

And the list goes on, more priceless expressions by Pat Carey coming soon.

-- Bloggin' via the iTouch!zc

Beautiful Sunday ♥♥

Have you ever gotten too much sleep and then woke up groggy and have that sick feeling? I did this morning! When it happens I feel like I have a hangover and my eyes are going to pop out or something... its the weirdest thing ever and it sucks. On a better note, its sunny and beautiful outside! Its going to be a great day.

I want to get this straight for anyone reading my blogs (present/past). I know I haven't really mentioned this but I think now would be a good time before it gets complicated. Pat and I dated for almost 6 years. I broke up with him this past Memorial Day. I still see him and he is like my best friend... I just think he needs to focus on other things and show me he can treat me better. Now with that said, when I say we still see eachother, WE SEE EACHOTHER EVERYDAY. I can't kick him out of my life and we do a LOT together. SOO....

We're going to go to the park today. I think we're going to hike, picnic, and paddle boating! And we actually might hit the gym for the weight room.

[ Other big news: PAT IS A MARINE NOW!!!!! HE MADE IT AND WENT TO CLEVELAND!! He just has to find out when he can leave now! I'm very happy for him! )

June 10, 2009

so I don't forget (;

Shopping List!:
[1] The Sandlot (DVD)
[2] 10 Things I Hate About You (DVD)
[3] Son-In-Law (DVD)
[4] Drives Me Crazy (DVD)
[5] Can't Harldy Wait (DVD)
[6] She's All That (DVD)
[7] Ever After (DVD)
[8] Love Don't Cost A Thing (DVD)
[9] Contact Solution
[10] grocery shopping
[11] socks

:) now i gotta wait til Friday to get PAID!!

June 9, 2009


My dreams are so messed up sometimes! I had a dream that Jay (Ash's boy) and I got in a physical fight! And I beat him up, ha! He does make me really angry... Maybe that was my way of dealing with him LOL... In my dreams!

I've been watching tweets about the new iPhone... Those prices ATT wants for a new 2 year contract are rediculous. Our economy isn't good enough to buy the phone and plan for $699! Who really can afford that? And is it really worth it?

Were going for a walk this morning. Have to be in Salem around 9:30... I better get goin!

Loves ♥ (:

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June 6, 2009


__I want to go to Wal-Mart and buy the Vitamin Water10 that is on sale for a DOLLA a piece.
__I also want to go to Wal-Mart and buy lunch meat.
__I'm in the mood to spend money
__Ash got these cool books from Jay's Uncles Estate Auction... they are sweet. Once I start reading them I will update with more info. (They're not normal books... I don't think they are story books... I'm not sure what they are, yet!)
__Pat's getting on my nerves. He doesn't get it.
__I need gas in my car but I think I don't have any more money until I get paid-- NEXT FRIDAY
__I have a headache and I feel sick. I think I woke up with a hangover and I only had ONE beer last night. Ugh.
__My mother is annoying.

Gonna find something to do. Deuces. ♥ ♥

June 5, 2009

ring ring ring!

I'm waiting for my mother to get home so we can go to the gym... She's taking forever! I had even told her that we'd go early today (right after my eye appointment at 4pm) So much for that. We'll probably end up not going if she doesn't hurry.

I got this new wireless mouse for my laptop... I thought you all should know how awesome it is! It has these buttons on the side and the left one will go back to the previous webpage you were on, and the right one magnifies! Its pretty sweet! I'm really amused by it because when I bought it, I didn't know it had these features. And it was on the clearance rack at Wal-Mart, half off... and you know how clearance stuff is! Never really know if your buying something good until you get it home. Haha, I love the little things in life. :D

Right now, I LOVE:
Bow Wow + Soulja Boy's MARCO POLO! Even though its not a new track, I can't stop listening to it! And it bumps in my car. MAADDD BASS!!!

Bow Wow and Nicki Minaj- kiss my ass. Great song.
"K I S S my A S S." That's for everyone hatin!

Vitamin Water10 xxx- i usually HATE Vitamin Water but this 10 cal acai-blueberr-pomegranante is pretty good and doesn't have the nasty after taste that the other ones do!

I'm gonna surf the web and see if I can find anything interesting to blab about :)


June 2, 2009

Where the beats at?

I am so tired of there not being good music out. Where did all the artists and beats go? What is going on? 8 out of 10 songs, suck anymore! And even worse, artists who had good songs, can't seem to keep bringing good ones. Its very frustrating for me. That's why I refuse to buy CDs. ITS NOT WORTH MY MONEY AT ALL!! If you can't make good music, then I'm not spending my hard earned money on you. If, after I download something, and it sounds good, I might buy the album. (But normally I don't because I'M THE WORKING POOR!) And its summer which makes it more frustrating, I want good music during the summer and I'm only finding good, old songs from previous years. And even those, are getting boring to listen to. Music is very important to me and I take this seriously! [I needed to vent about that, sorry]

♥ jes

June 1, 2009

Another Cloud Over the City

A few years ago a building was built in Youngstown. It was built to generate money, jobs, and entertainment and in hopes of bringing people back to Youngstown, Ohio. This entertainment center would host hockey games, shows, concerts, ice skating, football, circus's and more. It was beautifully built and represents the people of Youngstown. Since its birth, it has failed. It has changed management two times already and has changed owners three. The first name was The Convocation Center, then The Chevrolet Centre, and now just recently the Covelli Center. Does a name really matter? Obviously not. The Steel Hound hockey team has been pulled from the hockey world and now we no longer have a hockey team. The semi-pro indoor football team isn't as popular as the big shots hoped to be. The Phantoms, a AHL Hockey team has replaced the loss of our Steel Hounds, and it is not the same. Although most concerts, events, and shows that come to the Covelli Center generate large crowds, sales have dropped and the want to attend is diminishing. Prices are rising, advertising is almost nothing, and the events are not attracting the majority of the consumers. Is this another effect of the curse over Ohio? Will the Covelli Center be able to make a come back this summer? For the sake of the future of Youngstown, Ohio, we still have some hope.

Staying busy keeps you young!

Busy week:
Monday: Doc appt. at 1145am/Pay car insurance(I go to the office to do this)/walk with Jenn and Tar-ah/Paint toe nails/Gym at 530pm/Intervention Party starting at 900pm in Salem/At some point, do bills

Tuesday: Help Uncle Tommy pay a bill online at YiaYia's (His computer is older and his Internet Explorer it out of date, it can't load most sites)/Leetonia Bike Trail- walk or bike/Gym at 530pm/Walk with Melissa at 700ishpm

Wednesday: Relaxing. Going to go with the flow, what ever comes up, comes up. ((Def gym though!))

Work 600am to 300pm/Movie afternoon with Melissa!/Gym at 530pm/Walk with Mel at 700pm/working on resume

Friday: Work 530am to 300pm/Eye appt. 400pm/Gym 530pm/Maybe walk with Mel(Friday's laundry day for her)/Shopping Day {maybe Wal-Mart}/Party in Salem {possibly}

It might not seem like a lot to you guys... but with work in between there and if I'm not sleeping well at night, it'll really takes a tole on me. Not to mention any stress or drama that happens this week. :\ life is life, right?

Drama update:
Wendy transferred to ATown Sheetz (every ones still talking about this)
Kristys Shower/wedding... heard some gossip about this
Sisters friend drives all the way to NCarolina (from Ohio) to pick up a boy, lies to 'rents
MTV MAwards, Eminem fiasco
Cousin has friend move into apartment complex that annoys the eff out of her
Mom has two jobs pending this week, which one does she choose?
Something happened to co-worker... dealing with cheating...
... seems like our lives revolve around drama.