July 1, 2010

Day 31 [love like this...]

Got my a letter today! Its the Sunday one so its 6 pages long! =)=) The first half isn't good, they were hazed sometime last week. Actually the day after the hazing class. [There's no hazing in the Marine Corp] riiigghht... it went on for hours and I won't go into full details, but all the letters I wrote to Pat were ruined. He says he has none and it really bothers him. He's pretty mad and upset. He said he'd read them over and over and saved all of them. I feel horrible. Once you write those letters with all that emotion behind them, you can't rewrite them. You could have seen the feelings and love pouring out of my first few letters, I was having a really hard time and really told Pat how I felt about him and our relationship. I can't get that back because now I'm doing better and I'm excited for when he comes home not freaking that he's gone(although I still do sometimes). I will write him double though to make up for those lost letters =)

I gotta cut it short today, I'll post when I wake up =)

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