June 11, 2010

Day 11 ♥

I just got done doing my bills and I feel good about them, for once! I'm starting to pay a few down and I'm so happy I'm making bigger payments. Before I couldn't because of my paycheck being split into two different accounts. But now that I changed that I'm able to actually put a dent in my balances. Its a great feeling. I also counted the exact days I've been smoke free and it has been... 125 days!!! I'm very happy about that also and glad I haven't given into any urges! I didn't get a letter from Pat yet, maybe tomorrow ::crossingfingers!::

I was going to go to the Y before work at 3 but I think I'm going to clean out the inside of Pat's truck. He never got to do it before he left and I don't want his mom thinking I did it when I give it back to her. Which hopefully should be Monday or Tuesday. I probably should get started on that soon, otherwise I know I won't do it :) As much as I want Mom and Ash to come back from Florida, I really like having the house to myself! Its a little lonely at times but its peaceful. When they get home I'm sure I'll go see Ash a lot. Well maybe, driving all the way to Alliance will hurt my gas fund and usually I would get so tired I couldn't drive and Pat would have to-- every time. So I'm not sure about all that but maybe.

I'm going to go get some things done.

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