June 20, 2008

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!

Sheetz took me to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! It was fun. Since I've been there longer than 3 years, I was awarded a certificate and a sweet Sheetz pen :) They took us to the Hard Rock Cafe down there and had lunch for us and then we went to the Hall of Fame. It was really nice. I mean, I enjoyed it. I love music and seeing all that stuff was so intriguing and inspirational for me. Most people, though, weren't that interested and just sped through the whole thing. I would have had more fun though if I was just with Pat. I would have been able to take my time and just relax walking through. Even though we had hours to walk through, I felt rushed and either I walked alone and didn't talk to anyone or I skipped through to stay caught up. And I didn't want to be alone! I wanted to talk and be like "Oh wow, look at this!" But I guess music isn't for everybody, because most of them didn't care. But it was nice. Next time I think they should take us to Cedar Point!

June 13, 2008

i make it rain.

Its storming! And I'm all home alone! Nice combination, huh? Its cool though. I love thunderstorms. I hate the rain, but thunderstorms are fun. You never know if the lights are going to go out and you have to(or should) stay at home. I think its the best time for bonding or cuddling! And it brings back good childhood memories. I remember when I was little, the power used to go out all the time. I know with technology advances, it doesn't happen much anymore. But something about being a little primitive was fun. We used to grab the flashlights and light candles and then run around the house or hide in the hallways. It was fun and scary at the same time. The eeriness of the lights flickering always set the mood. Technology sucks sometimes. I miss those days when electricity wasn't fool-proof.

I got creative while I was watching CSI a little bit ago. I decided to draw/doodle. I think I might have came up with a tattoo idea! Pat will be really excited. I don't believe in getting peoples name's tattooed on your body unless you have no doubts, but I drew a little somethin' and I think I like it. It wouldn't have his name, but his initials. Its just an idea though. And I'd probably think it over for years before I actually went through with it. And I know that irritates him because he'd go get my name on him tomorrow, if I told him to do it!

Well. I'm going to finish watching CSI with the doggies. Mom made sure to remind me to take them downstairs if there was a tornado warning. They're the brats of the family!


June 12, 2008

My Little Sister's A Big Girl Now!

Ashley graduated last weekend from high school! She makes me feel old now! I was thinking, my chapter of high school is officially over now, but I remembered Stephen still has one more year. And after his graduation, I'll never be at Canfield High School again! Unless, I stay here and have my own kids. But he'll be my last connection to that school and those people. Its kind of scary when you think about it. I always thought after I had graduated that was the end, but it wasn't. I always had a reason to stay connected and return. But now I really don't. And next year will be final.
I thought mom and I would be more emotional, but we weren't. It was too hot out to be emotional. I did cry when they announced Ashley's name for a $1000 scholarship, she didn't know she was receiving. I was so happy for her! It was given to her without her knowloedge by a doctor for Education. She said she wasn't sure if they actually called her name and hesitated to get up, when it happened!

We celebrated with drinks when we got back to the house. Then we went to dinner at Nicolinni's with YiaYia and Aunt Phil. It was a nice time. Too much family time together though. By the end of the night, I think we were all glad it was over.

Although she's probably heard this enough times already, Ashley I'm really proud of you and I hope you the best in your college years. If you haven't learned anything from me, then I haven't done my job as your older sister! I hope you succeed and try your best in everything you do, learn from my mistakes. Love you so much!