November 29, 2008

paint and bbq cups.

i thought i loved to paint, apparently its not like i remembered. i got paint all over me and my hands started to hurt after 2 minutes of using the roller. it kinda sucked cuz i knew i could do the bathroom myself. but i ended up needing patsi's help.

...then pat made bbq cups for me and dad (: and they were SO GOOD.

the end.

things that need done ASAP:
1) shop for xmas gifts
2) get hair cut/colored
3) buy more pomegranate 7up!!!!!
4) paper chase
5) get some 'candy

...6) and see what this Twilight hype is all about

November 28, 2008

From "True Notebooks" by Mark Salzman

One of Mark's juvenile delinquent students writes 'Collision',

The angel is coming at full speed in one direction, while the devil comes in the other. The devil with his pitchfork, running at full speed, aiming to hit the angel in the chest, all of a sudden stops with the force of the angel's power. The devil tells the angel that he is going to kill him and that he is going to go to hell, but the angel responds, "I am with God and the only place that I'm going is to His paradise." The devil then strikes him, sending him to eternal fire. The angel on his knees, weak, all of a sudden gets his energy back and strikes the devil with his wings and sends him to heaven. There they are, throwing blows, wrestling, doing whatever they can to win.
All of a sudden they're running full speed towards each other when they collide and become one. That one is me.

Time Away

My computer died :( Apparently I need a new hard drive.
I'm on Dad's laptop and its messed up too! Well just the keyboard... so if you see the words run together and letters missing... that's why.

I read my last entry and it seems like it was only last month! I was BLITZED that night. BAD. And it came with NO warning. I knew I was drinking a lot. But not that much! It was fun. We shared stories, laughed, joked, debated, all around the warm fire. It was a lot of fun, but the next morning wasn't.

I read a few books in the last couple of months. I re-read Stephen King's, Pet Semetary in honor of Halloween :) It was spooky, but I didn't finish it. I also read Dean R. Koontz's, The Servants of Twilight. He is very much like Stephen King, but his writing is slightly different. There were a few times I jumped ahead a few paragraphs. I also started reading True Notebooks by Mark Salzman. Very good. I'm trying to read un-normal books. Books I wouldn't normally read, books I usually start but never finish. Broaden my horizons. :D

A lot else has happened in the last few months that I would like to note on:
Our beloved Megan Martin took her life on Halloween. Only seventeen. It was very hard to deal with.
Barack Obama won the election. I think you'd have to be living in a cave, not to know that one.
I've become more and more bitter, agitated, bitchy. But I officially have NO insurance so I can't go to the doc's. So I look for other ways to escape this hell.
Jay turned 21. Had a crazy party at his house that was pretty lame but resulted in Ashley and I not speaking.
Turkey Day was yesterday and not enjoyable. As every holiday seems like it will be this year.
Pat has lost 20lbs. He still has to go 20 more. Then he's off to Parris Island

I wish I could get a new laptop for Christmas. Its not that I need the internet, Myspace, or my email... its like my escape. I find it easier to write on here then in a notebook. And it sucks that I know it could be weeks or days before I'm able to write again. :(