January 31, 2009

Finally Getting A New Car!!!!

I'M GETTING A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED! We've been looking for a few months and came across some good deals. But for one reason or another, they always fell through. I was getting so frustrated and mad(particularly at MOM) that I was saying "fuck it" and I didn't care if my car broke down and I got in an accident. See my car is a piece. It wasn't a piece when I got it in '04. It was a good car and it took me a lot of places. BUT over the last 2 years its gotten progressively worse, and FAST. I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse and although they have nice features, they're quick, and fun, the engine componinents and engine bay itself is made very cheaply. It sucks because I had a lot of fun in that car. I LOVED the his/her shifter. For anyone who doesn't know, that's when you can switch to manual drive on the fly. Its awesome. Yea, you could say I raced a few times. Haha, my cars not fast but its quick. I'm gonna miss her.

But, I'm moving on to a more luxurious car! Its more my age and classy. And fully LOADED!!! I'll finally have leather, both driver and passengar heated seats, steering wheel buttons, locks that work, dual climate control, cruise control that actually work and so much more! Its awesome. And it drives so nice. The brakes actually work. It heats up fast, its fast, big, I'm up high. Its perfect. And its nice. As in its a higher end SUV. And the best part is it has LOW MILES and IS CHEAP!! We think we figured out why its so cheap. We also looked at about 3 others of the same make and they were all around the same price. The company that makes it is no longer operating. GM still backs this make so I'm fine if I need to fix it.

There she is! 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada AWD!

I can't wait. Now I can take my car and go on trips! Which I really could never do in my car. Not anywhere more than an hour away. It just wasn't safe.

* * * * *

I also talked to the person I had an issue with in the last blog... and everything's okay. I just asked her if we were friends and if everything was the same. I didn't go into detail, it was awkward. I'm relieved.

January 29, 2009

Foolin' Around

Euphoric Fluff

I finished reading Hannibal by Thomas Harris. He is a very good writer. He writes simple, detailed, and knowledgeable. After I finished reading it, I decided to order Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal from Columbia House. They finally came today and guess what I'm doing! Watching them right now. I know, pathetic. I've just been in the mood for serious type movies. I'm not really in a depressed mood or anything, but comedies just wouldn't hit the spot right now. I've been more irritated and pissed off then I have been, though. I don't know what it is. Anxiety again? PMS? Its not as bad as I explained a few blogs ago, but I am irritated. I think its just people in general. Well, people I know that are the problem. I can't understand them and why they do the things they do. And I don't know how to ask the person what's wrong. And now the things that happened today, make more sense. So I know something's up.

And it kinda hurts. We're supposed to friends. I've gone to her with my problems, consoled in her. She's done the same to me. I DO consider her a friend. I have for the past few years. And now, its like we can talk but not hang out? ... And its only really talking at work... ? What kind of fucking friendship is that? That's what pisses me off. She blew off my questions about hanging out but acted COMPLETELY NORMAL. I really wouldn't have known anything was up until I realized she was acting weird about hanging out outside of work, today. (Yet last week she said something about getting food) ... ??? I DON'T GET IT. Other than acting weird about those questions, everything's the same. And I was asking today because her birthday is in a couple weeks and I would like to go to lunch or something with her. I asked her if she wanted to get a drink one day and she didn't really answer and then had to go do something else. And she wouldn't say what she was doing for her bday, but said she was going out. And its like she's always going out with other friends... I don't know its so fucked up! And I don't like being given the run around. And I sure as fuck will not keep that kind of friendship. That does not show me you care about me and are there for my company or appreciate what I do for you. That's like just being an acquaintance with someone at work. ONLY talking to them there, asking questions that sound like your being just nosey or just asking to make convo. NO. We've been friends 'officially' for about 3 years. We've hung out outside of work and been a number of different places together. We went on a trip together for my birthday! I don't want to lose a friendship over something stupid. And nothing has happened to make our friendship change. So what is it? Is it a stupid rule? Does she not trust me? I'm pissed.

It seems like everyone is out for themselves and you just can't trust people. So called friends. Yea, right.

I'm going to watch the rest of my movie and sip on my steamer (So Good!)

January 26, 2009

Pics from this January!

every time i do it, i do it for my hood

Brian's Birthday Bash:
We started at O'Donolds. Brian was already trashed when we got there! It was fun though. We all did 302 shots and I think that put us over. Wendy ended up holding my hair back. Vince was there, he was too drunk though. Pat hung with him for a while. Brian's one band member was drunk and funny as hell! And Mike was funny too. We ended up moving the party to the Babylon so Brian could experience the Strip Club! Me, Bobbi, Wendy, Mike, and Pat got a laugh out of it. Brian got two Table Dances and I think he loved every minute of it!! I sobered up on pretzels and fries. Yes, pretzel and fries at the Strip Joint? Fuck yea! I would have puked again if I didn't eat something! It was so funny to watch Brian! I still can't get over it! Jen ended up screwing us over though. I was disappointed in her. She was texting me up until 8 and was like coming and ended up never showing up, and then didn't text me til 9 the next morning! I thought something happened. But her and Chad ended up at Smokey Bones and both got drunk. She would have had fun with us. After last call, we all went to Taco Bell. It was so good. Definitely the ultimate drunk food! Then we took Wendy's drunk ass home. She was funny. She's a fun/annoying drunk. But it was a blast. I love O'Donolds. I can't wait to go back!

Pat's Departure Date:
Pat found out that he was close to the maximum body fat and actually could have left months ago. But the recruiters are dumb. So he has like 3% to go or 10 pounds and will leave February 20th! I'm so excited for him. I went in to tell my boss I wanted the 17th through the 21st off, which is 3 weeks away... and she gave me shit. There's four schedules up and she already made the one prior to the 20th. Well I don't care, I'm taking those days off and she can fuck herself. Whether she finds someone to cover them or not... its three weeks before that she knows she can just change the schedule but she's being stupid. And the thing is, I've worked for her for 5 years, I bust my ass for her, she's never had ANY problems from me, and she gave me shit? Ok, fuck yourself. I'm so out of there as soon as I can. Its bullshit how she takes advantage of people. Especially the people she shouldn't. I wish I could just up and quit. I'd like to just stick it to them.

How People Change, For Other People:
Its funny how people change for others. And how they don't stick up for themselves. Its just amusing. Funny how people say one thing, then someone else influences them and they go back on what they say or even want! I can't believe some people choose something over something else. Especially when that something else, is actually there for you or is your true friend.

January 17, 2009

im feelin this playlist :)

Saturday "creative block" playlist:

1) nickelback- something in your mouth
2) nickelback- gotta be somebody
3) savage- swing
4) the game- my life
5) the game ft neyo- camera phone <-- CURRENT FAVE SONG!!
6) 50 cent- get up
7) shontelle ft the dream- tshirt remix
8) rihanna- disturbia
9) tay dizm- dreamgirl
10) t-pain ft ludacris- chopped n skrewed
11) t-pain ft chris brown- freeze
12) the all-american rejects- gives you hell
13) the red jumpsuit apparatus- you better pray
14) charles hamilton- jeezy hamilton
15) the ting tings- shut up and let me go

p.s. nickelback has a concert in March in Columbus!!!

creative block

my head feels like its going to explode. and my back hurts. i took to vicodin. not generic, the real deal. theyre too much though. i should have taken one, or maybe just a half! i still feel messed up and i took them... yesterday morning! ddamn. i just want my back to stop hurting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might blow my brains so this headache will go away!!

no i wouldnt actually do that.

or would i?

im so fucked up.

and pat irritated the shit outta me first thing this morning!
sometimes i wanna kill him!

and i didnt get that camera yet. i told you if i didnt do it then, i probably wouldnt. FML!

i figured out how to follow blogs. but the only ones im following now are like news and music. not like actual peoples' blogs. ill have to find some. and i added the follow this blog gadget to my page. BUT i doubt anyone will actually follow my blog. who knows if it even comes up in searches, ya know?

i also figured out how to make playlists on myspace. i guess thats cool. except you cant shuffle the songs. and i had to sit here and find songs i wanted... that was time consuming. i just dont feel like downloading music. ive only had this laptop for less than a week and i would hate to get a virus. that would be retarded. straight up retarded.

i started to put together a website featuring my masterpieces(HA!) of spraypaint. Office Live is sweet. i cant think of what to call my "store" or think of a logo, or a slogon. its like my brain is fried. it never used to be like this... either too many drugs, or not enough?


...ok i thought this little writing session would help clear my mind. but all its down is, nothing. im gonna try something else. peace.

January 16, 2009

Having as much fun as you can and meeting new people, sounds like a good way to life, right?

I think I'm going to buy a new camera today. I'm sooo excited. My old one was in my purse, that was stolen out of me car last winter. Yea, I haven't had one for over a year! It sucks. I really want to get it today, just cause the anticipation is killing me. Once I decide to do something, I have to do it fast. I get nervous. I guess its anxiety. At least that's what Hoochy tells me. And if I don't get it today, I'll probably decide not to get it. I should save my money.

I figured out how to use Picasa!! That was pretty exciting! I uploaded some pics from 2008 and added them in a slide show on here. So now all you can see what I did in 'o8! I know, your excited to see the pics!

My baby has a hangover. And its hilarious! He's so d.u.m.b. HA.

Ash got a new puppy yesterday. He's a Papillon.. So adorable! In fact, here's a pic!

Patsi's going to New York City tomorrow with Kenny! He's going for a biker function, "biker bash". He has to fill in for Kenny's Sergeant in Arms for Rider's Block. He's never been to NYC, so I'm happy for him. But I told him to be very careful and watch himself. He better not get arrested.

January 5, 2009

spray paint =)

I've acquired a new hobby! Spray painting! Its so much fun and such an easy way to spice things up around the house. I painted my clear candle plates that were boring and unused. Now they compliment my room's colors and everything! I also tried that Space Painting stuff. =) I made some pretty sweet pictures. I'll upload them when I can. Maybe once I get real good, I could sell my stuff!! $$$$$$

January 3, 2009


So we found out that Brian's show wasn't until tonight. But we wanted to go out anyway. Mel, Pat and I met Wendy and Bobbi at Salsitas and sat and talked over BIG frozen margaritas. I got the strawberry and it was amazing! Afterwards we decided to be spontaneous and went to the Babylon. The local strip joint!!! I was nervous as hell and didn't know what to expect... and wow. It was crazy! I still can't believe I actually walked in there! We had a blast. Yes the girls are trashy. No I'm NOT bi. But it was nice in there. The chairs were comfy and the drinks were cheap! Let me tell you how good of friends and a boyfriend I have. THEY BOUGHT ME A F'N LAP DANCE!!!!!!!! I wanted to DIE! It was the weirdest/nastiest/funniest thing ever!!!!! And the girl wounldn't leave me alone!!! She liked me WAYYYYY too much.

I told them I was going to sanitize myself today!

I do love my friends, though!