June 30, 2011

Just One Kiss...

What I wouldn't do for just one kiss this morning. I had a feeling I wouldn't get to talk to Pat, but still I had that anxious feeling. I knew I had to be up early though, so I was sort of thankful. It saved me from being snappy or bitchy with him. I hate the Afghan 'state-of-mind'. I liked the EMV 'state-of -mind' much better. When he was training in California, he was sweet and loving. Afghan has made him almost cynical, sarcastic, and something else. I haven't put my finger on it yet. I wonder how he's really feeling, sleeping, and what he's really thinking about. I hope things start looking up for him and he just makes the best of it. I know that is hard, but there's no reason he couldn't try.

Please check out the links below the header :) I just found out about these. They're pages, set up like posts. They remind me of the documents on Facebook groups. I can add to them all the time and it's one continuous post. I think it would be cool if  every time I 'edited' the page (added something to the post) it would record a (1) or something next to the link so you would know it was updated. I may have to suggest that to the Blogger people :) Anyway, I'm just trying to help fellow Marine sisters out and give them some help by sharing my experience and what I have learned so far. So please, check them out! (I may or may not change the Care Package Tips page... Haven't decided yet!)

Any suggestions are welcome!

June 29, 2011

Homemaker; Marine Wife Style!

I need to get an apron to wear when I cook to make it official but I may just be the next Betty Crocker! I've made some amazing dishes since Pat has been gone. He should give me a chance and let me cook. We always eat out or order out, which is fine sometimes, but seriously, I would love to have dinner waiting for him on the table when he gets home from work. He thinks I'm going to poison him though. Have some faith babe. He knows I can cook. Just every once in a while, of course, a dish doesn't turn out well. I'm not going to lie, I'm not perfect. 

Deployment Dishes:
Chicken Enchiladas - First I followed the box directions, and fell in love. The next two times, I tweaked the recipes. I didn't have enchilada sauce so I used hot salsa, different cheese and spices, and I made it work with fajita wraps(which were smaller). If Pat was home, we would probably only have enough for dinner but I was able to get dinner that night, and lunch and dinner the next day! I want to try a different recipe next time. I can't wait!

Creamy Chicken and Salad - I just made this today and really it's simple. Besides preparing the lettuce and vegetables that I choose (today all I had was onion and green peppers), I make my own hard boiled eggs with a simple recipe and experimented with a different way to make the chicken. And the two ingredients that make the salad amazing, cranberries(dried) and glazed walnuts. I didn't want plain chicken so I experimented with Cream of Chicken soup, since for some reason I have a bunch of cans. I didn't think I needed to let the chicken marinate in the CoC since it's thick, I didn't think it would penetrate through the chicken. So I through the chicken on the stove and added a mixture of seasonings. This consisted of probably 8 spices. I like spices and am not afraid to combine them. I was nervous that the chicken after being cooled, would still be too creamy/wet but when I combined all the ingredients with the lettuce, it turned out perfect! I did run into a problem, my refrigerator froze my lettuce and spinach. I was upset but able to save most of the lettuce and a decent portion of spinach. Stupid fridge. I wasn't sure which dressing I should try with it. I tend to stay with creamy dressing like ranch or honey mustard. But with the chicken being creamy, I thought that may be too much. There was red raspberry vinaigrette in the refrigerator, but I opted for ranch. IT WAS AMAZING. The cranberries and walnuts are my favorite addition to salads. YUM.

Slow-cooked Pork Chops - This was a recipe I found while Pat was in Cali, training. I wanted to make it for him when he got home but he insisted on eating whatever he wanted and where ever he wanted before he deployed. I made it shortly after he left and it was amazing. Some of the reviews said that the particular blends of spices were odd with the choice of pork, but that it was still a great dish. I'm unbiased when it comes to spices and foods combined. I don't think only certain spices should be used with certain meats, pastas, veggies, etc. So I slow cooked the pork, chicken broth, and spices all day. It smelled amazing and when it was done, the pork just fell apart very nicely. I think I made noodles that night to accompany it. I noticed there was a large amount of broth left and it wasn't thick so I decided next time I will add potatoes, carrots, and onions like you would with a roast. I think those additions will accompany the pork better than the noodles. I really wish Pat would have let me make it for him. I don't care if he says he doesn't like pork, it's because, I think, the way his mother makes it and the type she uses.

Besides main dishes, I make some mean glazed carrots. I haven't made them in a while and although they are amazing, I haven't perfected them. I also need to work on my brownies. I don't know if it's the different type of boxed brownies I choose, but none are as good as I remember them being when I was a kid and mom was making them. If something doesn't change, I may start looking for a homemade recipe instead. I made sugar cookies the one night and even though the recipe is so simple, they were the most amazing cookies ever. Moist for days after! I did take them out early because my oven tends to over cook, but I'm not sure if it was that, or because I may have used tub butter instead of stick margarine... or maybe even the container I stored them in. I'm not sure but the were amazing.

I really want to make my Three Berry Pie, but I don't feel like buying the berries. They're slightly expensive and I don't feel like using the money on something I'm probably going to  be the only one eating. It is an amazing pie though. I use raspberries, black berries, and strawberries. I think it's the black berries that make it, but that's just me!

This evening I'm going to try this really simple cinnamon toast rolls/folds. It's 3 ingredients and oven time. And there's even a simple way to make icing! I can't wait, it just sounds fun. The only problem is, I just bought bread and I don't really want to use it all on these but I just might ;)

<3Semper Cookin'!

P.S. Lipton Pomegranate Blueberry Iced Tea = Amazing.

Samuel L. Jackson Reads "Go the F*** to Sleep"

June 28, 2011

She wore a yellow ribbon...

Around her hair she wore a yellow ribbon
She wore it in the springtime
In the merry month of May
And if you ask her why the heck she wore it
She wore it for her soldier who was far far away
Far away, far away
She wore it for her soldier
Who was far, far away
Around the block she pushed a baby carriage
She pushed it in the springtime
In the Merry month of May
And if you ask her why the heck she pushed it
She pushed it for her soldier who was far far away
Far away, far away
She pushed it for her soldier
Who was far, far away
Behind the door her daddy kept a shotgun
He kept it in the springtime
In the merry month of May
And if you ask him why the heck he kept it
He kept it for her soldier who was far far away
Far away, far away
He kept it for her soldier
Who was far, far away
On the grave she laid the pretty flowers
She laid them in the springtime
In the merry month of May
And if you asked her why the heck she laid them
She laid them for her soldier who was far far away
Far away, far away
She laid them for her soldier
Who was far, far away

<3 I love my Marine.

June 27, 2011

Loving My Hero

<3 I finally got a phone call :) It felt like it had been forever that I heard his voice. Felt much better and happy after I got off the phone with him. Of course it didn't last long, I realized how long we still have to go. But so far, most days are going pretty fast. I just keep thinking of other things, like my sister's wedding, or when one of my boot camp sisters moves here, or when it SNOWS, when those events get here, then I'm that much closer. I have a system :]

Fave songs of the moment:
Carrie Underwood - All American Girl
Lady Antebellum - Just a kiss
Saving Abel - Miss America
Nicki Minaj - Did It On Them


June 22, 2011

I'll Love You Longer Than Forever♥

[ With your love I'm never alone ]

I got to talk to Pat, it had been a few days. I was happy :) He was fixing another companies generators and stuff, being Mr. Fixit. I hope the rest of the months go by as fast as this past one. I have a few packages to send him but I don't think I'll make it to the post office to get the customs forms. Maybe I'll stop at the PostNet store and see if they have some after work and then I'll fill them out and try to get back to the PostNet store to send them out. I hope he likes everything I put in them. And I hope the fan makes it without getting broken. I padded it but it was only with the stuff left over from Pat's Pelican Case that was left over. I want to talk to him tonight but I work really early tomorrow so I would get no sleep before work. And I want to get up early so I can do the dishes and make some coffee.

I'm watching The Rite before bed. I love Anthony Hopkins. I think he really brings life to his characters and I like his voice. This movies pretty creepy. It wasn't to bad when it first started, then it started to pick up half way through. But it's nothing really special. The story is unique but I probably wouldn't buy it. But then again, I don't normally buy scary/thriller movies. I haven't bought any DVDs lately at all. I've been watching a lot of Netflix. Doing tv show marathons. I watched That 70s Show and Roseanne so far. I started on Ancient Aliens. But I haven't had time to actually watch it. Between there, I've watched a bunch of movies too. One that's noteworthy is The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It was actually cute and I liked the story. I was surprised, at first I had no intention of even watching it, I was just going to send it right back, but then decided against that.

Ewww, I'm at the part in The Rite where they're performing the exorcism on Hopkins and the demon  is saying all kinds of stuff, they made Hopkins look really creepy. Good job, makeup.

I think I better get to bed so I can try to fall asleep at a decent time. 
I love you Patrick Sean, please stay safe.


June 19, 2011

if its not bitches its stupid men.

Patrick. You're a douche.

If you were home, I would slap you.

Yes, I am pissed.

June 16, 2011

Ugh. Bitches.

I'm so irritated right now. I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but it's the not knowing that is killing me. Of course I'm not going to say anything because I don't know that it's about me or Pat. I could just be trying to connect dots that aren't there. I talked to my sister, who has a stable head on her shoulder and isn't over-dramatic, and I explained what's been going on. Basically, months ago, this certain person would right a status and it eerily would sound like she was talking about me. Or something I said. Just kind of randomly. At first, I even said to myself, it could be anyone on her newsfeed. I couldn't directly tie it to me. But then By the second, random, time it just felt WAY TOO coincidental. It wasn't anything that really hurt my feelings. Yes, sometimes I use 'hubby' instead of husband. I don't always want to sound so formal. Whatever, right? Well it would bother me so I explained it to my sister and she said it does kind of sound connected to me, but that I can't be positive and basically just ignore it.

Well yesterday topped it off for. And I just feel like there's NO WAY it's not about me/Pat.

I uploaded 3 pics to my Deployment album. An album that's nothing to joke about. There's like 2 'funny' pics in it. The pics were two of the care packages and one of a cartoon I drew Pat to make him laugh. I know it's retarded but I was bored so I drew and decorated his box. LIKE MOST GIRLS DO. Who wants to open a boring care package? Anyway, 22 minutes later she wrote on her boyfriend's wall "Please call me so we can make fun of that certain couple we do"


I know, they both have a ton of FB friends, but really? She doesn't update on FB a lot and what are the chances?! Ughhh. There's more to why this bother's me so much but I don't want to get into. But I waS pretty pissed because then that confirms my other thoughts... but then this morning he wrote her back saying, which couple soooo.... maybe my 'other' thoughts are wrong. Still I hate both of them. She's a heartless bitch. I ended up deleting her.

Ugh. I'm going to let it go now. I just needed to get that out ha.

June 14, 2011

"And I'm lost without you"

[ Crossing my fingers that I get to talk to Pat tonight. ]

I just made sugar cookies. I'm bored and anxious. And felt like being productive. I would vacuum but I don't think that's a good idea at 10pm. I cleaned the big bathroom the other day before work. I just need to scrub the bathtub down. Maybe I'll work on our bathroom. Or I am getting a little tired. I might just lay down and watch a movie. I did have two beers... Soooo....

I got to see Amanda today! Her, her mom, and Steph came to Wilmington to look at houses so we met at Elizabeth's for lunch. I had an awesome 'Create Your Own' salad. Pat would love it. I wish they had a restaurant here. I would get a salad every day! So we had lunch then we drove around looking at/for houses. It was so nice! I miss Amanda a lot and wish she'd move down here. She definitely needs to get down here again, soon. We only got to spend like 2 hours together. But I'm grateful for that. We found this awesome development, too. I would buy a house there, for sure.

I'm off tomorrow and I wish I could drive out to Myrtle Beach. It's so easy to get to from JVille but I don't want to use the gas money. I have to send Pat's 2nd package and pay bills. My other friend, Wendy, and her family are in Myrtle this week too. I could have seen all of them :( And I haven't seen her in a LONG time. We didn't get to get together on any holiday leaves or predep leave. It's sucks when they're all so close but I still can't see them. Or when I have to work instead! Blah. I have to see if I can get like 4 days off for Ash's wedding shower in July too. I'm sure they won't be happy about it. And 4 days is going to be rough. I'd have to drive one, be home for two, then drive home on the 4th and I know they'll schedule me early on the 5th day. And the drive all by myself... ughhh. I don't even know if I want to see what plane tickets are... maybe I'll look into that. And I'll just have a carry on.


I wish I was a millionaire.

I love you Patrick Sean. <3

June 13, 2011

The worst feeling in the world...

...is to miss a call or a Facebook chat from your husband in Afghanistan. 

And I did today. 
I figured something was up because he never came on last night. I waited and waited and waited. So today I got off work, went to the grocery store and the gas station and came home. Got on the computer and realized the little green dot next to Pat's name at the bottom of my screen. I clicked on the chat box and there were a few chats from him :( He was on this afternoon and I was at work. I think it was right after my 'lunch' break. Ughh. Every time, I don't know what comes over me, but this drowning feeling happens. Knowing I could have talked to him and now I have no idea when the next time will be. It could be weeks. Or worse, months. My heart drops every time.

I miss him so much. It's "deal-able" if I can talk to him. But even then it's still hard. Like when I do get to talk to him and it's only for a few minutes. Then I'm left with this sick, empty, lonely feeling. 

I know I should be happy I even got a few minutes but it leaves you with this hopeless feeling. Like you didn't get to say enough or anything at all. 

:( I hope this depo goes a little faster. It's starting to kill me and it hasn't been that long.

I love you Patrick, till forever. ♥

Deployment, You suck.

Motomail is finally up. I caught up on writing Pat. Sent a few cards(his year anniversary of being a Marine was June 1st) and letters. And of course now a few motomail letters. I don't think he's received any of it yet. I sent out one of his pkg's too. I know he doesn't care, as long as he gets his essentials. But it bothers me that we have no extra money right now and I can't even finish pkg #2. I had to wait to get $15 to send his first pkg! Blah. Hopefully when depo pay kicks in, I'll be able to send more regularly. But Pat wants me to save a large amount of his depo pay, which is fine but I want to send him stuff! I want to send him treats and things. Someone I know has sent out 7, SEVEN, pkg's already! Granted, they're not married, don't have the house/utlilty bills we do, and she probably doesn't have other bills, but still... it's not cheap to make these pkg's. 

It's a job to stay behind and take care of everything. I normally always handle most of the bills, while Pat does a few, but now for some reason it seems overwhelming. I don't know why. And taking care of the puppy(Norm), who's a BRAT, and the apartment.... and working *luckily* 40 hours a week, is catching up to me. On top of that, I'm not sleeping, and because Pat put us on the waiting list to get on base, I have to deal with that. And because of Norm, it is a pain in the ass. And I will have to deal with the moving/tmo because Pat wants in a house before he gets home. Ughhh. And my sister's wedding... and trying to get home for that and the shower... and all the baby showers coming up! It's one busy year.

I just needed to bitch for a min. I guess it's just starting to annoy me.

On a better note, my bestie is in Myrtle Beach!!!!! Which means they're coming up to Wilmington for a day and I get to see her!!!! I wish she would move down here. I think the perfect guy for her is a Marine and she'd love it here. I know she wants to move now but I'm not sure where she's thinking. I can't wait to catch up with her! I wish we could meet at North Topsail beach but I think they're looking at houses in Wilmington.

Man, I miss Pat.