May 19, 2012

So we found a house to rent. As much as I like living on base, we are moving off. I won't miss having to have my ID out everytime I go home and be constantly thinking I'm going to lose it while I'm out and not be able to get on base. I won't miss my whore of a neighbor. I won't even get into that. I won't miss some of the trashy people. I won't miss being stared at while I walk the dog like I'm a piece of meat. I definitely won't miss the ignorant, stupid people that don't watch their young kids play in the street or let their dog out and instead of coming to get it as it attacks me and Norm, they tell from their back porch. I will miss having the gas station and C-Store, gym, Subway/Dominoes, and Post Office right there though. Ya, that's about it. Maybe we'll move back on another time but for now we're done. The house we found is awesome. The rent is a really good price and in my opinion underpriced for all it has to offer. I'm excited. We don't move in till August, though. So now I get to anxiously wait. I hate waiting.

May 9, 2012

I haven't visited this blog in forever. Tumblr got the best of me! But at the same time, I can't seem to open up completely there. And it can be as annoying as Facebook. But I'm addicted. Since my last post, things have been great, exciting, bad, sad, and everything in between. Pat's homecoming was perfect and happened so fast. Im so glad that deployment is behind us. There's a lot going through my was right now and I just any find the words to explain it. Things aren't bad but I feel like something is off. I don't know... I need to start posting here more. It's like therapy. Even if no one is listening on the other end. Well, I'll be back soon. Time for me to try to sleep. <3

December 16, 2011

sometimes life is full of hurt

It  hurts when friends abandon you especially when you don't understand their reasoning. Being a distant friend is not okay with me. Being a "I'm here if you need me but basically we're not going to hang out or talk" is not a friend in my eyes. I would never come to you if I had a problem. Being a distant friend is not a friend.
I feel bitter, hurt, angry, and confused. I feel like family are the only people I can trust and count on. I feel like God is teaching me some cruel lesson that I will never understand. I don't even know what to think.

In other news, Pat will be home very soon. I'm excited. Everything will be fine when he's here. He knows how to make everything better.

His parents will be here 3 days after he gets home though. That is the least bit exciting. And they're staying longer than expected. Which is not okay, but I can't do anything about it. I'll be working a lot though. But I'm losing a lot of time with Pat. Ugh.

I made a tumblr, check it out please: TUMBLR

I'm definitely in one of those "Fuck It" moods.