June 16, 2010

Day 16 [Staying Strong]

I didn't get a letter today. :( I hope he's gotten some of mine. I'm so frustrated. I had to write a letter. But I'm going to save it for a couple days. I really don't have extra money to buy another book of stamps right now, so I don't want to go through them too fast. Plus I wrote Uncle Eddie and Freddie to tell them about Pat. So I've gone through 3 stamps already! Haha... who knew the mailbox would become my best friend?

I still haven't gotten a call from Preston saying my cars done. Which is a little scary because he said it wouldn't take but maybe a week to do. Unless they didn't work on it during the weekend? Idk... I just want my beamer back! :(

I have to work today. I don't really want to. Its till midnight and that always sucks.

I ordered some stuff from CafePress! I got a cute Marine Corps tote bag and a zip-up hoodie with semper fi on the back. Its really cute, hopefully it fits. I think it was a JR size... oops.

I'm exhausted and I just woke up haha... I probably should eat some fruit or something! Hopefully I get a letter tomorrow!

[Good luck to the guys in plt 2058 today!!♥]

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