June 15, 2010

Day 15 [With the good comes the bad]

I GOT MY FIRST LETTER!!!!!!!! I also got a letter today!!! I was so happy yesterday, I can't even explain. It was the greatest feeling in the world and Pat sounded good!! He even joked! I keep reading the letter over and over :) It makes my day! He wrote about how he thinks about me every second of the day and how much he misses me. And that being down there gives you a different perspective on life. He joked and said "its like hell took a vacation and came here its so hot". He also said its like summer camp from hell but he was enjoying himself. [I miss the sound of his voice]

But... I just went outside and got the second one and its not good. He sounds discouraged but hanging in there. He has gained weight and they won't let him eat less he was told he has to be 186 when he graduates and he was 223 the other day. When he got there he was around 200. He says the senior DI said he might drop him and Pat has no discipline. But he says they only eat 3 times a day and he's sweating like crazy. I cried. I feel so helpless. And of course to make the letter even worse he said that everyone else has been getting called for mail call except for him. That tore my heart apart. I hope he realizes its probably because we live further away then the other guys. I miss him so much. And he doesn't put the date on his letters so not knowing when this weighing happened makes me nervous. I hope he got my letters today.

I feel so helpless. And so bad for him :( I was up all last night because I felt really nervous and sick and anxious. I didn't know why, but this confirmed it.

And on top of all that this past weekend there were 4 motorcycle accidents or something. I heard about 2. 1 was really really really bad and the kid died and I'm not sure about the other ones. WELL... yesterday(Monday) CORY my cousin in Florida was in a really bad motorcycle accident!! I don't have all the detail but he had surgery and is still in the hospital. He was swerving to miss a dog. Today's his birthday. Scary.

I'm going to try to relax.

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