June 17, 2010

Day 17 [My heart belongs to you]

I got two letters from Pat today!! He wrote that he finally received one of mine! I'm so relieved and happy. He wrote one of his letters on Sunday so he had extra time to write and it was four pages long!! He asked me all kinds of questions and told me about stuff down there.
He has 'portholes' (glasses) but doesn't have to wear them until the rifle range. The first day he wore them, they called him Drew Carey(his last names Carey) and he thought it was funny, but not really LOL. Pat's kind of a clean freak and said they change their cami's every 3 days so he's grossed out by it and they are still using the same bath towel since he got there. Now, if you know Pat, you would know he uses a clean bath towel EVERY time he showers including if he showers twice a day. Needless to say, his house has a million bath towels. Well you can imagine how grossed out he is by having to use the SAME one, for how many weeks now? YEA! haha... he's hating it! He said he's still catching hell because of his weight and when they go to chow, the menu has calories on it so he picks the healthiest. They only pt 3 times a week for two hours and I think that's why he's gaining weight. He says it sucks because he can out run 3/4 of the plt and do more crunches and pullups and does things right, but his senior DI thinks if you "don't have a good body, then you don't care about anything and are a piece of crap". So it doesn't matter how well Pat's doing in anything else. He's still "fat". That's discouraging to me but Pat says he won't let anything break him and he loves it down there. He thinks he was meant for this and really enjoys it. He said none of the name calling, quarter-decking, or messing around with gets to him. I'm happy he's doing good. I was afraid he'd hate it. But luckily he proved me wrong!

He says the whole platoon is sick now and I feel horrible. I would love to send cough drops because he said his throat hurts. I don't know how many are in his plt all together though and you have to send enough for all of them. And I'm not sure I have the money for that and shipping. But maybe? I don't know.

I feel better but I'm still anxious. As soon as I get a letter and read it over about twice, I get anxious for the next one! And what if one doesn't come tomorrow?? I'll be edgy all day today, waiting for tomorrow to come just so I can hear from Pat. Writing letters doesn't seem to curb it either. I just end up wanting to tell him more and then I'll write too much. And I don't want to overwhelm him with useless info. I hate not being able to talk to him!

Sometimes I get this aching for him to be around. I just miss him so much and it'll creep up on me out of nowhere. I'm okay for a while if I'm staying busy, but even that doesn't work all the time. Luckily I can go on that forum and read what other people are doing and it takes my mind off of Pat, for a little.

Today's my day and I know I should go to the Y but I really just want to relax. I don't feel like fighting the traffic or getting dressed, haha.. maybe I'll go...


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