June 14, 2010

Day 14/88... wishing for the mailman to bring a letter

I got off work an hour ago and I can't make myself go to bed. This only happens when Pat's not around. I think its because my mind is on overdrive and just can't calm down. It kind of sucks because I'd rather be sleeping, I've seen Pat in my dreams the last three days. But I can't seem to calm down to fall asleep fast enough. And I hope there's a letter arriving in a few hours. Every morning, as soon as I wake up, I go to the mailbox. And I walk back up the driveway with my head low because there's never anything in there that I actually want. Blah.

[FYI: Last night's dream with Pat was strange and a little scary. He was home and different. At first he wouldn't come see me even though we were a few feet apart at something like a festival. Then we took a walk and he was quiet and drawn away, like depressed. I don't remember much else, just that I didn't feel good and I didn't like it :\ I hope that's not a foreshadowing kind of dream...]

The other day I found out my neighbor's bf left for bootcamp the Monday after Pat and I just saw that one of his other friends left that same Monday too. I'm not sure if Pat knew that or not, but I'm going to write in on one of the letters I have to send to him. At least he'll see some familiar faces down there, if he sees them. I remember Megan and Shuler saw each other and actually would get to talk at church or something down there. I really hope Pat's doing okay.

Well I think I'm going to try to lay down. I'm a little nervous. About not getting a letter tomorrow and my car should be down sometime this week- maybe tomorrow and that means I have to explain to mom why we have to pay for it even though I was sold a car with a major problem. I know I keep posting that I will explain, but I don't feel like going over it again. So in short-

[I talked to an attorney and there are no lemon laws on used cars. There's no way to prove they sold the car to me that way. I would have to go through Cleveland courts and that would be long and I might not win. They knew I was over their 30 day/1000mile warranty [I didn't know this] but they still said they'd take care of the problem. The warranty they bought for me, telling me this would work, DIDN'T because it wasn't bought within 30 days of the car being bought(it was bought like 2 months later). Which Luxury Imports was surprised the warranty company said that. I knew it wasn't going to work when I sign the damn paper, but they said 'Oh no, this will.' Assholes.

SO if you're ever looking for a car in the Cleveland/Parma area. Take it from me, do not deal with

Luxury Imports, Inc.
11555 Brookpark Rd. Parma, OH 44130

They will dodge your calls and not call you back after telling you they will.
Completely unprofessional. And by the way, I called the Better Business Bureau.

Well I'm going to go... good'night. kinda...

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