January 22, 2011

Day from hell. 21JAN11

Pat's in the field. There was a chance he'd be home Sat or Sun since he we scheduled for humvee courses on Mon. He'll be staying in the field the whole time (10 days) now. Okay, that's fine. I can deal with that.

For some reason this month's electricity bill wasn't debited from our bank account when Pat signed up for automatic drafts. Okay, so I'm going to call and find out what the f happened. No prob.

My mom is visiting and stresses me out sometimes. And sometimes we argue and I snap at her. Okay, dealing with that calmly. . . 

Got burned while tanning. On my butt. Okay. I gotchu.

Drive 2 hours for a day-trip to find the nearest HOBBY LOBBY and we get alllllllllllll the way there, no problems at all. AND MY CURSED CAR BREAKS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

I've had it since New Years. Mom was driving it after it was fixed for like a month or maybe a little longer. I drove it all the way here. 600+ MILES. No problems. And it just stops working! I don't get it! The car doesn't give you any inclination that something might be wrong with it. IT JUST BREAKS DOWN!

Well we were completely screwed. 2 hrs from home. Luckily literally passed a BMW dealership 2 minute before it broke down. But we still had to tow it. It would start and 'run', not die, but if you hit the gas(in gear) it would just rev and go no where. Including not go anywhere in reverse!

Got it to the dealership. Sounds like the transmission. ;[ NOT GOOD. Its completely unrelated to the problem we just had fixed!!!!!! This is bad because that problem is covered by warranty. I'm nervous that even though I have extended warranty, the warranty company will find some reason not to cover this. I googled transmissions for my car. First off, found out a lot of these models, same year, have tranny problems at 64000 miles. My car has less then 60000 miles. And some of the comments claimed dealerships quoted them anywhere from $2500-$5500 to fix.

I obviously and freaking out. I have to wait till Monday to call the service manager back with the warranty co. 800 number. So I have to sit on it and think about it every waking minute. Then I have to wait till the warranty people check it out to see what they say. Then I have to wait till the dealership can even work on it!

I just want to know right this minute whether the warranty is going to cover it. Period.

I want to die. And I want to talk to my husband about this. He would know exactly what to do.