April 17, 2010

"Good morning texts, kisses on the forehead, really long goodbyes, holding hands, silence that isn't awkward. Waking up beside you..."

♥ Pat's finally leaving for bootcamp! Its bittersweet and quite stressing. They really toyed with him. Telling him he was leaving in a week, then on Monday telling him he couldn't until the second week of May. Then on Thursday, telling him he's leaving Sunday. THEN, one more time!, telling him not Sunday, but Monday he'd be going to Cleveland and leaving on Tuesday. It kind of makes you think that our government isn't that well organized, dependable, truthful, or moral... We'll see what happens on Monday.

My birthday is this month, the 24th :) Nothing special, as usual though. I won't be doing anything. Annette gave me the day off(her anniversary is the same day, so she always remembers my bday) but I work the day before and the day after. (In the morning) So no, I won't be partying. As much as I would love too and need to have a good time, I'm still too stressed and have no money and don't need to put on anymore empty calories. And to top it off, Pat won't be here anyway. And he really is the only one that makes me happy. I'm not going to sit here and lie. I love my family and few good friends I have but, without Pat my world isn't complete and it always feels like something is missing when he's not around.

We have so much to do before Pat leaves and there's not enough time! I have to get all my stuff out of his house and we have to move the tv and surround sound. I'm not sure if I'm going to have him hook it up anywhere in Mom's house yet... Also I have the stress of my car, which I will post about later when I have more time. Its ridiculous and hard to believe that it actually happened to me! Its just insane and it better all work out or I'm royally screwed. I still can't get over it, I keep hoping I'm just going to wake up from this bad nightmare!

I need to get a laptop, I hate doing my bills on my phone and I just refuse to blog on it too. Its too hard or annoying. I have no money(that I can use) and its frustrating. And even if I did save money, can't use that either! It has to go to bills. I gg