June 22, 2010

Day 22 [I finally figured out the Matrix!]

I'm so excited, I finally figured out the Matrix. I printed it out yesterday and its in calendar form but without dates and I figured out when Pat had arrived at Parris Island and it all adds up so now I can follow him! On the Parris Island forum they put the week up and what the recruits are doing day to day. But I couldn't figure out if those were the current week or the week before but now I got it all figured out. I'm so happy. I saw when the Gas Chamber is, and that makes me a little nervous but I know Pat will over come anything put in his way!

I colored my shout out signs for Pat. I might try to take a few pics before I go to work today. I wrote I love and miss you xoxo, and split it between four papers. So, I'll have four photos then I think I'll put them together instead of sending them separately. He'll like it. And I just got my hair colored so he's going to LOVE the blonde =)

I wanted to update real quick but I gotta go.
I didn't get a letter today, so my day's a little thrown off but there's always tomorrow!!


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