July 11, 2010

Day 41 [Sunday Funday.. not.]

Well, no letter yesterday. With today(Sunday) that makes 5 in a row. Mrs. Carey hasn't received anything since Father's Day. Which she should have at least received a letter or two. I've heard they were on bed rest at the beginning of the week. And there's a possibility Pat decided to or was mandated to go to medical to get better. I just find it hard to believe since Thursday before the 4th of July, he didn't write one letter. The last  letter I go was from Wednesday the 30th and it came on Tuesday of last week. With all the free time on Sunday the 4th and apparently more free time on Monday because of the 4th and bed rest, I'm sure Pat would have written at least one letter. At least. I hope he's okay. Mrs. Carey hasn't received a call but it's still nerve racking not knowing. Maybe tomorrow I will have letters in the mail box. One of the Mom's got 5 letters yesterday. I understand the mail is very messed up I just don't understand how one could arrive last Tuesday and then nothing? On Sunday's he always writes and I should have gotten that letter(because of the holiday) Friday, at the latest Saturday?? I really believe the Ohio mail system is faulty. Mail is always missing or arriving late. Being sent out late. It's horrible. And now it comes whenever it wants. Unlike years ago when it was literally the same time every day. For years. So how can I not believe mail is constantly getting lost or ruined when it's in transit.

Today is day 8 of 8 at work! Then I'm off for 3. I really don't want to work. I'm just tired and exhausted. And I don't feel good this morning. 

Amanda and I are going to get coffee before I go to work so I should probably go get some things done =) peace.


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