July 20, 2010

Day 50 [I Love Pat Carey]

I want a new layout for this but I can't find any cute Marine/Military layouts =( 
I may have found Pat's grad present! I wanted to get him a Ka-Bar, but Sgt. Grit's are pretty expensive and I know he wants us to go on a get-away before anything else. So, I've been saving money for that. BUTTT, my dad gets BudK Catalogs in the mail and it's full of guy stuff. Like hunting stuff, military stuff, movie stuff, weapons, gadgets, etc etc. SO, while I was looking through it, I found some really sweet knives that are military and their cheaper. So I think I will order one from there. =) I have to watch though, Pat said he def. wanted me to try to get my contacts. Well I feel like the eye infections aren't gone and the doc even told me to use the rest of the medicine because he still saw a little bit. Well I have to keep in mind the contact exam appointment is going to be $80 because my insurance is horrible and then 6 months pair of contacts are $80 too. So I have to get on that and decide if I'm going to do it or not. I also looked into the cabins at Hocking Hills and found some awesome ones. I just don't know though. I feel overwhelmed with all this planning. And I need dad to call about his Marriott Rewards so we can book the rooms and I have to get my car back, which is a whole other problem that got real bad again. I got totally screwed by them. It's costing a little more than half of what I PAID FOR THE CAR, to fix!!! I hope karma kicks them all in the ass. How could you sell a car THAT broken? And the crazy part is they rigged it SO well you would have NEVER known anything was wrong with it. We HAD a mechanic look at it too. Ugh. I'm so done with that crap. I just want my own car and leave all this behind me.

I miss Pat.

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