July 2, 2010

Day 32 [The Marine Corps has my bf, but I have his heart]

Okay... well yesterday was a busy day and I wanted to type a letter for Pat and answer all his questions from the letter I got. I was semi-successful. I wasn't able to add pictures to it like he wanted but I told him from now on I would just type them and include a pic every day. (I was putting pics of like jokes or things off of news sites, but I guess he wants more of me!) Well I also decided to take the "shout-out" pics I've been planning, yesterday. It went well. =) I did my hair, makeup, and chose 4 different tops. I had to take them myself because no one was home to but they came out good. Then I picnik'd them, which of course I'll show you in a sec. It was my first time using picnik so I was just getting used to and I was having some trouble on the collage part. The program/site wouldn't let me make the individual pic smaller in it's own box so some of my sheets of paper are cut off. You can still tell what they said though. Pat will get the point.

I was hoping for a letter today but I didn't get one. I should have known. I'm starting to see a pattern in his letters. There's a few days a week he doesn't write or he'll combine the letters, which is fine. I like reading long ones instead of short ones. The short ones leave me wanting more! I got my 2nd Batt. hoodie and my "boyfriend is a marine" shirt(yellow for 2nd batt) in the mail today. I'm excited! Now I don't know what to wear... I got my dress yesterday in the mail, which I like but I'm not sure... maybe if I keep losing weight I'll like it better. It's a black summer dress, empire waist. And it has two sheer layers, which I think makes it look a little bunchy, I guess ?? I dunno... we'll have to see.
I working on getting a bunch of pics picnik'd now so I have them and can just add them when I write letters. I'm going to be really busy with work for 8 days in a row. And I work till midnight like all those days. Plus I HAVE to make time to go to the gym. So either I'll go before, or I'll go when I get off.

Hopefully my car will be done by next Monday. There was some miscommunication between Barry and his mechanics, and some were sick, and he wasn't there last week. They told my Dad the the heads were being sent out then. On this past Monday, Dad called Barry and Barry apologized saying all this stuff, but the HEADS WEREN'T EVEN SENT OUT ON MONDAY!!! :( and with the Holiday weekend... I'm getting royally screwed and I need my car!!! I honestly don't know how I'm getting to work those 8 days in a row. This is horrible. From now one I'm buying brand new!!!


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