July 3, 2010

Day 33 [So Bored]

Still no car and it's starting to really suck.

I want to go to the gym.
I need to go to the grocery store.
Mom's at work and I didn't ask her for her car today
(and she doesn't drive her other one, because she doesn't want to put miles on it!)
and Dad's really busy doing stuff with his Corvette,
and his truck is a company truck anyway, so I wouldn't ask to drive it.
And I refuse to talk to the Carey's right now.
They lied and I really don't want to see them anyway.
Ash lives 40 mins away so that's a no go.
... Everyone's either working, out of town, or busy with family stuff. Which is fine,
I just am getting antsy after being home ALL day long. I'm running out of things to do and I really don't want to take a nap. :( And when I get bored I miss Pat even more

and it gets harder and harder to not be depressed! And not to eat. I eat when I'm bored and nothing fills me up. Its horrible. Its like having the constant munchies. Uugghhh...

I did get a letter today though. He apologized for not being able to write as much. He got his name plates he says he keeps looking at them. [They say Carey and US Marines] he says "its so COOL!" haha... I can picture him saying it too and hearing his voice =) I bet he's really proud of himself for getting through phase 1. He said he's now am "aquatic warrior" or "a hazard to an aquatic environment" haha... he also said he's an "iron duck" =) That's my babe! I'm so happy for him. Little nervous for TD24 which I think is next Saturday... it's the gas chamber and rappel tower. =\

I'm almost finished with my letter to him, not much to write about because not much has happened since, last night! I think I'll take a shower and do my hair too.


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