July 5, 2010

Day 35 [No mail two days in a row]

It really sucks that there's no mail today (because of the 4th) Maybe tomorrow I'll have 2 letters! Hopefully, I think I would cry if I had to wait till Wednesday for letters! I doubt the guys did anything special for the 4th, maybe extra pt, who knows! But it was a Sunday so maybe they took it easy on them. 

I watched some of Jarhead last night when I went to bed. I want to watch it with Pat when he gets home. I think I'm going to watch it tonight when I get off work. 
I wonder if the UPS and FedEx guys are off today... it would be really cool if I got some of my stuff in the mail today! I think I ordered from 3 different store. Sears, Best Buy, annnddd.... Victoria's Secret. Not having a car sucks and sometimes I find it easier to buy clothes online, even though I can't see them in person. But sometimes I get so frustrated and pissed when I'm in a store and can't find anyyyttthinnng! 
I was thinking about finding a different dress for the graduation then the one I got from Gap. I don't know, I'm not in love with the way it looks on me. 

Wet Seal has these really cute military styled dresses. The blue one also comes in an off-white and has like tie/bow in the back. It also looks like a thicker material. The green one I think is stretch and plain in the back. I think they are really cute. The green one comes in red too (not a bright red). I think I might buy the green one. I wonder how short they are though. Sometimes Wet Seal's dresses and skirts are sooo short. And I don't want to be worried the whole day that my ass is hanging out!
Its so hot in the house. These next three days are supposed to be in the 90s and feels like it today =\ Mom and Dad should put the air on. For sure. I'm gonna go and try to do some stuff

♥ Peace

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Baillie said...

They got to watch Fireworks on the fourth Anthony said!:)