July 6, 2010

Day 36 [Wishing for a Letter]

So, its 12:11... and the mail is STILL not here! I understand the holiday threw it off, but she still only has the same number off houses to visit as normal, just a few more envelopes for those boxes... so why is it almost 2 hours late? Being impatient makes this so much harder. And on top of that the anxiety is getting to me. =\ Also, I have new stress -- from work.

I looked at the new schedule up yesterday, I only have 25 hours that week. ??? I can't afford to lose my health benefits and I'm a full time worker not part time. I understand it may be a mistake, but she's going to hear about. Its the second time this year and the first time she didn't apologize either. Luckily someone needed a day covered and I ended up getting 39 hours that week. I asked Colleen at work if I could take a day from her on that week. I have bills and with me paying my car out of pocket- that's thousands of dollars... I can't not work full time. I was going to call before I came in and ask her if there was a problem with me or something, I know there's not but she's going to own up to this. She told she'll 'punish' us but cutting our hours. Well, what did I do? I want to fucking know. And if she doesn't let me have Colleen's day, I WILL use my vacay hours and if she doesn't, I'll call the fucking office. I'm so sick of their shit. I feel constantly disrespected, undermined, not wanted. I will tell her flat out if there's a problem, I will gladly transfer to get out of whoever's hair. I can't believe this is happening. I might cry.

I thought I heard the mail truck, but think I'm imagining things. I also should get my stuff from Best Buy today, but the UPS guy hasn't come yet. I don't want to work. I'm on day 3 of 8. This sucks. 

I want my babe home.

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