July 27, 2010

Day 57 [Good luck ran out]

I got summoned for JURY DUTY! On AUGUST 17th! That means it would interfere with Pat's grad dates of August 25-27 and then our get-away August 28-30 and ALSO us going to the court house to get a marriage license and MARRIED!!! UGHHHHHHH. I feel horrible. I'm so upset. I called and the lady said they'd "defer" me, but I don't want to be at jury duty during Pat's 10 days of leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sick. The lady said I had to write about my plans and I added about Uncle Eddie. I don't know if she'll care, or if it even matters but I wrote that I had no faith in our judicial system and I don't feel comfortable being apart of a decision that will change the rest of someone's life whether they are a criminal or not.

Maybe I'll take that part out... I don't know. She said the way the deferral works is if there's another trial, so there could not be one for later and then I can deal with it then. I hate stuff like this! I'm so stressed now!! AND NOT TO MENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

last night the confirmation number and invoice for our Cabin at Hocking Hills... was....


omg.... I'm going to freak out.

i need to lay down.

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