June 1, 2009

Another Cloud Over the City

A few years ago a building was built in Youngstown. It was built to generate money, jobs, and entertainment and in hopes of bringing people back to Youngstown, Ohio. This entertainment center would host hockey games, shows, concerts, ice skating, football, circus's and more. It was beautifully built and represents the people of Youngstown. Since its birth, it has failed. It has changed management two times already and has changed owners three. The first name was The Convocation Center, then The Chevrolet Centre, and now just recently the Covelli Center. Does a name really matter? Obviously not. The Steel Hound hockey team has been pulled from the hockey world and now we no longer have a hockey team. The semi-pro indoor football team isn't as popular as the big shots hoped to be. The Phantoms, a AHL Hockey team has replaced the loss of our Steel Hounds, and it is not the same. Although most concerts, events, and shows that come to the Covelli Center generate large crowds, sales have dropped and the want to attend is diminishing. Prices are rising, advertising is almost nothing, and the events are not attracting the majority of the consumers. Is this another effect of the curse over Ohio? Will the Covelli Center be able to make a come back this summer? For the sake of the future of Youngstown, Ohio, we still have some hope.

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