June 2, 2009

Where the beats at?

I am so tired of there not being good music out. Where did all the artists and beats go? What is going on? 8 out of 10 songs, suck anymore! And even worse, artists who had good songs, can't seem to keep bringing good ones. Its very frustrating for me. That's why I refuse to buy CDs. ITS NOT WORTH MY MONEY AT ALL!! If you can't make good music, then I'm not spending my hard earned money on you. If, after I download something, and it sounds good, I might buy the album. (But normally I don't because I'M THE WORKING POOR!) And its summer which makes it more frustrating, I want good music during the summer and I'm only finding good, old songs from previous years. And even those, are getting boring to listen to. Music is very important to me and I take this seriously! [I needed to vent about that, sorry]

♥ jes

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