June 1, 2009

Staying busy keeps you young!

Busy week:
Monday: Doc appt. at 1145am/Pay car insurance(I go to the office to do this)/walk with Jenn and Tar-ah/Paint toe nails/Gym at 530pm/Intervention Party starting at 900pm in Salem/At some point, do bills

Tuesday: Help Uncle Tommy pay a bill online at YiaYia's (His computer is older and his Internet Explorer it out of date, it can't load most sites)/Leetonia Bike Trail- walk or bike/Gym at 530pm/Walk with Melissa at 700ishpm

Wednesday: Relaxing. Going to go with the flow, what ever comes up, comes up. ((Def gym though!))

Work 600am to 300pm/Movie afternoon with Melissa!/Gym at 530pm/Walk with Mel at 700pm/working on resume

Friday: Work 530am to 300pm/Eye appt. 400pm/Gym 530pm/Maybe walk with Mel(Friday's laundry day for her)/Shopping Day {maybe Wal-Mart}/Party in Salem {possibly}

It might not seem like a lot to you guys... but with work in between there and if I'm not sleeping well at night, it'll really takes a tole on me. Not to mention any stress or drama that happens this week. :\ life is life, right?

Drama update:
Wendy transferred to ATown Sheetz (every ones still talking about this)
Kristys Shower/wedding... heard some gossip about this
Sisters friend drives all the way to NCarolina (from Ohio) to pick up a boy, lies to 'rents
MTV MAwards, Eminem fiasco
Cousin has friend move into apartment complex that annoys the eff out of her
Mom has two jobs pending this week, which one does she choose?
Something happened to co-worker... dealing with cheating...
... seems like our lives revolve around drama.

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