June 14, 2009

Beautiful Sunday ♥♥

Have you ever gotten too much sleep and then woke up groggy and have that sick feeling? I did this morning! When it happens I feel like I have a hangover and my eyes are going to pop out or something... its the weirdest thing ever and it sucks. On a better note, its sunny and beautiful outside! Its going to be a great day.

I want to get this straight for anyone reading my blogs (present/past). I know I haven't really mentioned this but I think now would be a good time before it gets complicated. Pat and I dated for almost 6 years. I broke up with him this past Memorial Day. I still see him and he is like my best friend... I just think he needs to focus on other things and show me he can treat me better. Now with that said, when I say we still see eachother, WE SEE EACHOTHER EVERYDAY. I can't kick him out of my life and we do a LOT together. SOO....

We're going to go to the park today. I think we're going to hike, picnic, and paddle boating! And we actually might hit the gym for the weight room.

[ Other big news: PAT IS A MARINE NOW!!!!! HE MADE IT AND WENT TO CLEVELAND!! He just has to find out when he can leave now! I'm very happy for him! )

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