June 23, 2009


I do not have all the information but there is proof. As soon as I get the sites I will post them so you all have an idea of this problem.

Ohio companies/employers are sending out advertisements and job listings for opening positions in their companies. Obviously this is normal. But is it normal when they are trying to see how bad you want a job in this economy that they will not pay you? They are offering positions that you will not make a wage or salary. This is not a joke. The positions are mainly you running around doing numerous things at once and not being compensated for it. Some positions allow you to make a very low wage (around minimum) but you must use your car, gas, etc and will not be compensated for it at all. Other positions are hiring you but you are agreeing to not have pay for this amount of months and expected to wait it out until you qualify for a wage. Which in that case they will probably lay you off before this can happen so they can save money and not fulfill their commitment. In the end it comes down to companies using you for all things possible. Knowing the economy is bad and people NEED jobs, they will see how much YOU will do for it. Making you work excess amount of hours with no overtime pay, putting wear and tear on your own vehicle, using your own gas, running errands multiple times a day and more. Please be careful while you are job hunting. There are always jobs available but they might be hard to find and sometimes you do need the right timing. If you can or can not get unemployment, you should still speak to the unemployment office or places like One-Stop. They can help you be aware of job openings, schooling, and so much more. They will also tell you if a job is honestly worth it or not. They are here to help and you should use them! Its like paying all these taxes and not using what you paid for! Don't fall behind, get educated!


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