March 3, 2009

balls out.

[We rented this movie with Seann William Scott, its called Balls out. Its pretty funny!]

Today's Agenda:
1) Exercise, 1/2 hour
2) Shower, get ready
3) BMV to buy plates
4) Maybe stop at the Dollar Store
5) Study [Spanish, Algebra]
6) Clean house
7) Laundry
8) Walk Harley

I can't think of anything else that I need to do... it feels like there's something else though. Oh well. I slept really bad last night so I got a late start today. I'm sure I won't do half the things on the list, but I'll try. Pat's out of town working with his Dad so I actually can do everything I need to without him being up my ass... but I can't seem to get motivated! [and I have this splitting head ache brewing right behind my forehead!]

I finally got my hair cut yesterday! It was only $14.95 at Master Cuts in the mall. I got 5 inches cut off and it shaped up a little. No layers though and just an angle in the front. It looks so much healthier now. Maybe next paycheck I'll get it colored and styled. I wouldn't go to Masster Cuts for that and who I would go to, is expensive. So I don't know, I'll have to see what my bills are like.

I think something happened in Pat's head. And it screwed him alllll up. He is eating whatever he wants and not caring. And since he got sick he hasn't done a minute of exercise. I don't understand. I thought he wanted to be a Marine SO bad that he would do anything. He knows this is one of few oppurtunities to start doing something with his life. And I sure as hell am not marrying him if he doesn't start doing something NOW. This is his last chance. Because once I make my mind up not to keep putting up with his bullshit, I'm not turning around. And he better not think I'm just playing around... I'm Not.

I better get started on the important stuff.

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