March 11, 2009

music survey!

Favorite pop artist/band:
pink, britney spears

Favorite R & B artist/band:
r kelly, boyz ll men, mariah carey

Favorite hip-hop artist/band:
ciara, flo rida, beyonce, t-pain

Favorite rap artist/band:
eminem, 50 cent, young jeezy, t.i., ludacris

Favorite rock artist/band:
theory of a dead man, nickelback, foo fighters

Favorite alternative artist/band:
jack johnson, john mayer

Favorite punk artist/band:
i don't really keep up on the punk anymore

Favorite country artist/band:
i don't really like country

Favorite heavy metal band:

Favorite 90s boy band:

Three favorite 80s songs:
new kids on the block - right stuff
tone-loc - wild thing
madonna - material girl

Favorite local band(s):
5 elements! relic!

Country vs Rock?:
def rock

Rap vs Rock?:
I like both

70s rock vs 80s rock?

P Diddy or Jay-z?
def jay z.

Classical musical?:
i love playing classical music on the piano

Song that starts with the letter I?:
In love with a stripper! - t-pain

Queen or Elton John?
love both!

Britney Spears, new stuff or old?
new stuff

Favorite Madonna song(s):
Material girl, like a virgin

Are there any artist you hate?:
there are a few

Most annoying song?:
hmm, james blunt youre beautiful

How many concerts/shows have you been to?
alot... i cant even remember them all

Have you ever crowd surfed?:

Met any famous artists?
If yes, who?:
burt mccracken and the used, finch, new foud glory, my chemical romance

Ever sat front row at a big-time concert?:
yes! Blink182, Green day, 50 cent, ludacris, ciara

Favorite concert/show you've been to?:
50 cent, massacre tour. there were so many different artist, it was awesome!

What are you listening to right now?:
i don't have anything playing right now

What are you listening to in the car?:
my sweet new cd i made. its awesome

Do you listen to the radio?:
very very rarely.

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