March 29, 2009

tensions were high in the kitchen.

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watching the office. cant wait for tomorrow, intervention! that is my all time favorite show ever. its just the best thing to ever be created. period. i dont care what anyone says. best. ever. =) had a blast last night with the family! plans got a little messed up. the new bar in boardman, the iron shamrock, doesn't serve food. but its sign says eatery??? we left there and went to the icehouse... well you couldnt even stand. which meant you couldnt sit and eat. so we went to quaker steak and lube. we were surrounded by almost 40 teenie-boppers. but we dealt. i got very tipsy (after like 2 and a half!) and we got ton of pictures. =) i wish aunt chrissy and uncle rick didnt live so far away. =( theyre alot of fun.

we went to ash's tonight. pat screwed with her soooo bad. it was hilarious. shes so ticklish! and we watched the incredibles! lots of laughs!

i'm tired. got a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow. hopefully i wake up motivated. ugh, and i have to do laundry. blah.

love youz!

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