March 25, 2009


Busy day tomorrow:
Only Day Off
7:45am - Hair
9:30am - Visit Trumbull County Technical Center
12:00pm - Lunch (Applebees I think)
1:00pm - Whitehouse with Pat (Buy green beans)
Then the rest of the day I have to clean, organize my room, visit with the Buxton's!, dinner at some point, play xbox with Pat, and watch Erica's movies so I can give them back to her.

Then I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
I never get anything I need done, though.
There's never enough time in the day.

We're watching Quantum of Solace. Its definitely not the best Bond movie. I prefer Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery. In fact, I want to buy all the James Bond movies. I recently just bought College and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Haven't watched either of them. But I'll tell you how they are when I do!

I need to get to bed! I'm so tired. <3

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