March 3, 2009

happy hour!

amaretto sour anyone?

i went to the BMV. what a depressing place that is. they're always so... mean and unresponsive. i dreaded going but i figured i'd get it out of the way. i didn't have to wait long but i kinda got screwed. my birthday's in april, so either i renew my plates then or buy ones for 2010. well i would have totally bought them for 2010 except they were $81.25, I only had $80 with me!!! (Damn Haircut!) so i had to buy them for april (only $30.25). oh well. now i just have to remember to go back and get them renewed. i'll have to make a note.

i was going to visit sgt. dudley yesterday when i was at the mall... but i decided not to. maybe i should have. it might have kept my morale up. i'm still exercising and watching what i eat. its hard with it being so cold out, though. when it gets warmer, i'll have no problems going for walks and runs. it just feels like it will never get above 35 degrees!!! im tired of winter.

____ i know... i love winter, and even i'm saying i'm tired of her.

i just want to get out of here NOW. ii want to lose the weight and join and be gone from this shit hole. i can't stand anything about this place. nothing. although as much as i HATE my job and think its going to be the death of me... i will proudly say i made $16000 last year! that's awesome considering where i work and what i do. and i'm getting ALOT back from taxes =) i'm happy about that.

i think i'm going to finish cleaning.

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