March 15, 2009

Diva is a female version of a hustla.

Well, we made it to Salty Grogs, but there was a wait to get in and like 200 hundred some people. It was insane. We ended up not even trying and went to Cedars where the Zou was playing. We stayed for one beer and about 6 minutes. It was pretty lame. And not worth $5.00. So we left and went to O'Donalds. The Huckin Fillbillys were playing in the tent, they were pretty good. It was crowded there too. But it was fun. I of course had two beers and was gone, but I didn't wake up with a hangover. That's always nice! Megan met me, Bobbi, and Pat at O'Donalds. Mel wouldn't pick up her phone! Which pissed me off because I asked if she'd know (if she wanted to come) by 8:00 and she said yea. I knew she didn't really want to but she could have just said NO, not "well I dunno" when I called her at 8:00. But she wouldn't pick up. Whatever. When she wants me to do something with her, it probably won't happen because I think Annette's starting to schedule me on weekends (for some stupid f'n reason).

I'm really pissy today. And I think I'm going smack Pat. He's being retarded. Last night he was too. Its like he has MALE PMS. I swear to God! He's so ignorant and mean to me. I hate it. Sometimes I don't know why I'm dating him. Its like every so many months we have to take a break. I know other guys would treat me better than he does, but I always hope he'll change. He probably never will. Its a lost cause.

Jeepers Creepers 2 is on.
Peace Out.

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