February 12, 2011

movie night; unsuccessful

Pat feel asleep about an hour into the first movie. That's no fun. Mom and I did watch both Paranormal Activity 1 and 2 but it's not fun without Pat. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I know he's so tired though. His unit is retarded and he has to report early, earlier than most, and stay well after most. This is an every day thing. Not once in a while... and it sucks to hear other wives brag about what time their Marine gets off. Whatever. He needs his rest though, training for the next month is going to suck for him.

I realized that I can't sleep unless I drink. I think that's bad... I don't have the urge to drink but I want to sleep so bad! I can't turn my brain off though. This sucks.

I think when I get back from visiting home, and Pat's gone, I'm going to advertise myself as a baby sitter and start there instead of applying places. Just a thought.

Pat woke up and is like a zombie walking from the living room floor to the bedroom ;) I better get off of here. Night♥

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