February 13, 2011

It may say US Marines over his heart, but it belongs to me

So... I still wasn't feeling good yesterday, and it's been a week since I started not feeling well. Pat bought me a pregnancy test since some of the symptoms sound similar. It was negative, which like I think I said before, is a good thing. I kind of felt better this morning. Yesterday was BADDD... very bad. It's hard to explain, there is slight nausea, constant headache, but it was SO bad yesterday. Bloating, and somewhat constipation but I went to the bathroom twice! Heaviness all over. Cramping, sharp pain in stomach. Also the chest pains have gone away slightly. Well when I woke up, I felt a little better. I didn't notice the bloating as much (I gained 4 lbs from yesterday morning to yesterday night which can be normal if you're drinking a lot of water and eating A LOT. I barely drank anything but I had a big dinner, no other food through out the day). My stomach didn't even feel very crampy. Well I had to go to the bathroom this morning, early. This isn't normal for me to go this much. And mind you only 10 hours before had I gone to the bathroom. Well I went and... there was blood in my stool. I'm definitely going to have to go to the doc's now. Since we're going home in two days though... I'm going to have to find someone to check me at home. And I don't think my old doc accepts Tricare, but I'll have to see. =( Blah. I've heard people say if your canine or maybe it's your first premolar, (its your third or fourth tooth) if they are yellow/stained while other teeth aren't it could alert to bowel or intestine problems. The funny thing is, is my sister has always had those particular teeth much discolored than her others, and she used to have problems with her intestine. Well, I noticed the other day while I was looking at recent pictures of myself, those teeth are much yellower than I've ever seen them in 24 years.... and this was before I started feeling really bad. It's so discouraging to me because I was losing weight and now I'm gaining! And I shouldn't be!


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