February 22, 2011

some people want to win the lottery, I just want to wake up in the morning and not have to miss you

Soo... I'm in Ohio. The day after I got here I had to go to Urgent Care. I was advised that you can get in a lot faster than at the ER so I figured let's try. And I got in very fast. There were no patients even there. I think it's a newer facility because before I left for NC, I didn't know our area had an Urgent Care, besides at the hospital. But anyway, it's pretty serious. The Doc said most likely a stomach ulcer and I need to see a gastroenterologist asap. She prescribed me medicine and told me all this stuff. I'm tired of going over it though... sorry guys. But basically the blood in my stool is a bad sign, duh. And there's nothing I can do till I see a specialist. And I don't want to jump around docs so as long as the medicine kicks in- which it hasn't, then I can make the trip back to NC and see my primary doc. And the only way Pat can come home was if I went to the ER and contacted the Red Cross so they contact his command. Luckily his command is allowing him to keep his phone on him. Too bad I didn't find that out till after I went to Urgent Care. If this medicine doesn't work then I'm going to the ER and going through the process of getting Pat to come get me. It's very painful and uncomfortable and I really want him to come to the doc with me. If it wasn't so serious, I wouldn't care. And being that he's not deployed yet, I'll take advantage of the situation and have him come. Plus I can't drive very long myself. I get so nauseas and I really need him to drive while I sit with the barfbag. Fun Fun. Oh. Yea.

PS- like my new layout :) ?

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