February 21, 2009


i decided to become a Marine! i found out how much i have to lose and took the practice asvab test. i scored low though(but passed) because i don't remember any kind of math, at all. i'm studying right now so i can get a better score than pat, when i take the real one! they don't offer jobs that are strictly just nursing. so i thought about military police. i think that would be cool and i thought about becoming a police officer last year. i also found out i would start at e-3 because of college. that means i'm higher than patrick!!! i really really want this. i've never wanted something so bad. it just clicked for me about two days after the meeting with Sgt. Dudley. This is what i want to do. i want to serve, i want to be apart of something, i want to do something with my life. i started my diet but it will take a few months. after 5 years with patrick, i gained a lot of weight. all the eating out and lounging around, partying... i hate him for it. but i know its not all completely his fault. i hope it doesn't take too long. i want to go know!

i'm going to do this. and i'm so excited.

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