February 8, 2009

intriguing. . .

Ash read this book and said it was good. I usually take her word on books because she has good taste. Good writer's taste. Its called Candy by Luke Davies. Its about two heroin addicts and their life as a couple. Its really good. It opens your eyes to the life of a hardcore addict. Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish starred in the motion picture. I think I might try to rent it after I finish the book.

I got my movies I ordered today =) I bought Independence Day. It had been on tv the last few weeks and seemed like a must-have for our collection. We really like it. I also watched Home Alone 2 a few weeks ago and decided I should add that to the collection. Love those movies. And then I decided to buy something new. I bought My Best Friend's Girl, with Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs. It looked funny. I have a growing collection of movies, but they never seem to stay in my book shelf. I gotta stop lending them out to mom. I might never get them back! We bought Man of the Year and Made at Buy Backs today, too. Love that store. You can get movies for under $5.00! And even though they're not new and don't look new, they work perfectly.

Gotta go to bed. We have Breakfast at Mrs. Carey's tomorrow morning!

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