February 7, 2009


Pat and I planned a little road trip yesterday. We were going to drive to Indiana and surprise Dad. It would have been funny. Dad would have been like "check out these muthafuckers". Haha, I can picture it now. We were gonna act real cool about it too, like we didn't expect to see him at the hotel. We were going to drive my car, so he could see it. We got packed after I got off work. Went to the bank. Left about 3 hours after our original departure time. Talked about it in Sheetz's parking lot and decided to go through with it. We drove an hour on the turnpike and stopped at a Service Center. Ate and decided to turn around. Although this is probably the last time we could have gone on a trip, before Pat leaves- the 20th, I think we made the better decision. We didn't go through much gas so it wasn't a waste to turn around. Plus, I can save my money now. All my bills except for one come out within the same week. The first week of the month. And with my new insurance bill, and my paychecks being split between two accounts, I kinda got screwed at the beginning of next month. One half of my paycheck goes to Mom, its my payment on the $3500 I owe her for loaning me the money for the car. Even though its half of my paycheck, I can still survive. I might still change that though to it being split %60/%40 or something. Now instead of spending all the money I took out for gas and a hotel, I can save it for two weeks from now when I get paid and combine it with the other paycheck and make a bigger payment on my credit cards. I was disappointed but I don't think it was a good idea we went to Indiana.

When we got home we were going to go to the movies. That didn't happen.

Its 52 degrees out!
I hope I don't get sick, though. And its not like the cold weather and snow is gone. Its only February! And the weather man's always wrong [=

I've been using this BWM Diet Manager, its awesome. I has hundreds of different foods, their calories, and info in a database. You can add more, too. Which is awesome because Sheetz has a nutrition calculator so I know exactly what I'm eating. After you "eat" the items it calculates all the calories and shows a chart and compares different things. (Exercise, your budget, calories, target, and BMR). Then you can add your exercises. And it has about a hundred different things and how much you burn. Its very helpful and I also haven't been eating after 6:00pm. That's going good. For about a week I was doing the treadmill at night. I have to start that up again. Mom did say she thinks I've lost a few pounds and coming from mom that is a HUGE deal.

My baby's at M16 training with the Marines today. He asked if I wanted to go, but I think I'd be embarrassed, and I have things to do at the house. Its getting close to the date he's supposed to be leaving. And I think we're both getting nervous. I know there's always a chance he won't pass their health tests and such. Maybe they'll find something bod, maybe they won't. I talked to some other people and they said they knew someone who was disqualified for having bad eyesight... I don't know if they're that strict... but who knows. I told him health-wise, if he doesn't pass their test, he can always try the army or navy. He was already told by them that he could join right now, but he wants to lose the extra couple of pounds and be a Marine. I love him.

<3 I gotta peace.

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