February 2, 2009

So, here's what happened.

Maybe I'm not supposed to have a Bravada. We've looked at how many in the last two months? And I've gotten screwed, every way possible. Now before you say, "it sounded to goo to be true!" let me tell you, I did have a slight feeling something was wrong. When dealing with the salesman from the Bravada I wrote about previously, I had this gut feeling that something was up. I didn't want to believe it. I admit that. I just wanted out of my car so bad that I ignored my women's intuition, I guess you could say. =) Yea, we women have a kind of sixth sense.

That, and excuse my language (not very lady like) motherfucker sold the car out from underneath us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the story: Friday we went and 'made the deal'. Saturday the loan places weren't open and blahblah SO, Monday we were coming with $500 for a hold/down payment. Either Mom was co-signing or Dad was going to see it and we'd buy it when he got home. Pat talked to Mom, she said we'd finance through our bank. We'd have the money on Monday. Pat called Monday morning(today) to say he was coming down with the money. The guy, Dave said okay, come on down. They got there (I was at work), the fucker proceeded to tell them his boss sold the car on SATURDAY! Mom was furious and walked out right there. Pat said he told him that someone came in with $9000 cash. Ok? First off, we were getting it for 6, so that person's a fucking idiot. Well, needless to say Pat told him how it was and the guy tried to say he'd get another one. Where are you going to find another Bravada??? With that low of miles?! And that perfect?! We've only come across a handful in the last two months, its not like there a normal SUV, at least not around here! I cried, of course. I was sooo upset.

So Mom, Pat, and I went looking at some other lots. There was a sale pending on a LandRover, but we'd be called as soon as they found out if they could get financed. Pat and I went to Medina to look at another Bravada that was really cheap and had a little more miles but still under average for its year. Well that one was all messed up. That one should have been at Dave's, "I'm A Crook" Car Lot, and his should have been at this big dealership... and the deal was just ignorant, basically. There was a lot wrong and it just wasn't nice. So that fell through. Even though the guy thought we were set on it. Then pretty much our last hope, called back. Another big dealership had a Bravada and the sale fell through on that because the people couldn't get financed. Well, long story short... I BOUGHT IT! AND ITS BETTER THAN ALL THE OTHER ONES!!!!! I think I was meant to have this one and not the other ones. This ones almost the same but has a few better features. Instead of having heated seats(which would have been AWESOME), I get a moon roof! And the mirrors defrost! And It has the information system that tells you when your oils low, gas mileage and all that good stuff. It also has side window defrosters, rear windshield wiper, the mirrors(all of them) dim headlights and... the big one, AIR RIDE!!! I guess the air ride compensates for the way the car rides at different speeds, or something along those lines. Its sweet! And the other Bravadas we looked at didn't have any of those, but did have the heated seats. But to be honest, I think I'd rather have the moon roof then heated seats. Its more fun. =)

I ended up, luckily getting $2000 for my piece. And all the paper work is done. I just have to go in with the money tomorrow and get my insurance situated. I'm so excited.

And I have Pat to thank for all of this. Without him I would have never gotten the deal we got. I got the Bravada for $5500 out the door!!! I love him so fucking much!!!!

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