January 31, 2009

Finally Getting A New Car!!!!

I'M GETTING A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED! We've been looking for a few months and came across some good deals. But for one reason or another, they always fell through. I was getting so frustrated and mad(particularly at MOM) that I was saying "fuck it" and I didn't care if my car broke down and I got in an accident. See my car is a piece. It wasn't a piece when I got it in '04. It was a good car and it took me a lot of places. BUT over the last 2 years its gotten progressively worse, and FAST. I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse and although they have nice features, they're quick, and fun, the engine componinents and engine bay itself is made very cheaply. It sucks because I had a lot of fun in that car. I LOVED the his/her shifter. For anyone who doesn't know, that's when you can switch to manual drive on the fly. Its awesome. Yea, you could say I raced a few times. Haha, my cars not fast but its quick. I'm gonna miss her.

But, I'm moving on to a more luxurious car! Its more my age and classy. And fully LOADED!!! I'll finally have leather, both driver and passengar heated seats, steering wheel buttons, locks that work, dual climate control, cruise control that actually work and so much more! Its awesome. And it drives so nice. The brakes actually work. It heats up fast, its fast, big, I'm up high. Its perfect. And its nice. As in its a higher end SUV. And the best part is it has LOW MILES and IS CHEAP!! We think we figured out why its so cheap. We also looked at about 3 others of the same make and they were all around the same price. The company that makes it is no longer operating. GM still backs this make so I'm fine if I need to fix it.

There she is! 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada AWD!

I can't wait. Now I can take my car and go on trips! Which I really could never do in my car. Not anywhere more than an hour away. It just wasn't safe.

* * * * *

I also talked to the person I had an issue with in the last blog... and everything's okay. I just asked her if we were friends and if everything was the same. I didn't go into detail, it was awkward. I'm relieved.

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