January 3, 2009


So we found out that Brian's show wasn't until tonight. But we wanted to go out anyway. Mel, Pat and I met Wendy and Bobbi at Salsitas and sat and talked over BIG frozen margaritas. I got the strawberry and it was amazing! Afterwards we decided to be spontaneous and went to the Babylon. The local strip joint!!! I was nervous as hell and didn't know what to expect... and wow. It was crazy! I still can't believe I actually walked in there! We had a blast. Yes the girls are trashy. No I'm NOT bi. But it was nice in there. The chairs were comfy and the drinks were cheap! Let me tell you how good of friends and a boyfriend I have. THEY BOUGHT ME A F'N LAP DANCE!!!!!!!! I wanted to DIE! It was the weirdest/nastiest/funniest thing ever!!!!! And the girl wounldn't leave me alone!!! She liked me WAYYYYY too much.

I told them I was going to sanitize myself today!

I do love my friends, though!

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