January 16, 2009

Having as much fun as you can and meeting new people, sounds like a good way to life, right?

I think I'm going to buy a new camera today. I'm sooo excited. My old one was in my purse, that was stolen out of me car last winter. Yea, I haven't had one for over a year! It sucks. I really want to get it today, just cause the anticipation is killing me. Once I decide to do something, I have to do it fast. I get nervous. I guess its anxiety. At least that's what Hoochy tells me. And if I don't get it today, I'll probably decide not to get it. I should save my money.

I figured out how to use Picasa!! That was pretty exciting! I uploaded some pics from 2008 and added them in a slide show on here. So now all you can see what I did in 'o8! I know, your excited to see the pics!

My baby has a hangover. And its hilarious! He's so d.u.m.b. HA.

Ash got a new puppy yesterday. He's a Papillon.. So adorable! In fact, here's a pic!

Patsi's going to New York City tomorrow with Kenny! He's going for a biker function, "biker bash". He has to fill in for Kenny's Sergeant in Arms for Rider's Block. He's never been to NYC, so I'm happy for him. But I told him to be very careful and watch himself. He better not get arrested.

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