January 17, 2009

creative block

my head feels like its going to explode. and my back hurts. i took to vicodin. not generic, the real deal. theyre too much though. i should have taken one, or maybe just a half! i still feel messed up and i took them... yesterday morning! ddamn. i just want my back to stop hurting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might blow my brains so this headache will go away!!

no i wouldnt actually do that.

or would i?

im so fucked up.

and pat irritated the shit outta me first thing this morning!
sometimes i wanna kill him!

and i didnt get that camera yet. i told you if i didnt do it then, i probably wouldnt. FML!

i figured out how to follow blogs. but the only ones im following now are like news and music. not like actual peoples' blogs. ill have to find some. and i added the follow this blog gadget to my page. BUT i doubt anyone will actually follow my blog. who knows if it even comes up in searches, ya know?

i also figured out how to make playlists on myspace. i guess thats cool. except you cant shuffle the songs. and i had to sit here and find songs i wanted... that was time consuming. i just dont feel like downloading music. ive only had this laptop for less than a week and i would hate to get a virus. that would be retarded. straight up retarded.

i started to put together a website featuring my masterpieces(HA!) of spraypaint. Office Live is sweet. i cant think of what to call my "store" or think of a logo, or a slogon. its like my brain is fried. it never used to be like this... either too many drugs, or not enough?


...ok i thought this little writing session would help clear my mind. but all its down is, nothing. im gonna try something else. peace.

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