January 26, 2009

every time i do it, i do it for my hood

Brian's Birthday Bash:
We started at O'Donolds. Brian was already trashed when we got there! It was fun though. We all did 302 shots and I think that put us over. Wendy ended up holding my hair back. Vince was there, he was too drunk though. Pat hung with him for a while. Brian's one band member was drunk and funny as hell! And Mike was funny too. We ended up moving the party to the Babylon so Brian could experience the Strip Club! Me, Bobbi, Wendy, Mike, and Pat got a laugh out of it. Brian got two Table Dances and I think he loved every minute of it!! I sobered up on pretzels and fries. Yes, pretzel and fries at the Strip Joint? Fuck yea! I would have puked again if I didn't eat something! It was so funny to watch Brian! I still can't get over it! Jen ended up screwing us over though. I was disappointed in her. She was texting me up until 8 and was like coming and ended up never showing up, and then didn't text me til 9 the next morning! I thought something happened. But her and Chad ended up at Smokey Bones and both got drunk. She would have had fun with us. After last call, we all went to Taco Bell. It was so good. Definitely the ultimate drunk food! Then we took Wendy's drunk ass home. She was funny. She's a fun/annoying drunk. But it was a blast. I love O'Donolds. I can't wait to go back!

Pat's Departure Date:
Pat found out that he was close to the maximum body fat and actually could have left months ago. But the recruiters are dumb. So he has like 3% to go or 10 pounds and will leave February 20th! I'm so excited for him. I went in to tell my boss I wanted the 17th through the 21st off, which is 3 weeks away... and she gave me shit. There's four schedules up and she already made the one prior to the 20th. Well I don't care, I'm taking those days off and she can fuck herself. Whether she finds someone to cover them or not... its three weeks before that she knows she can just change the schedule but she's being stupid. And the thing is, I've worked for her for 5 years, I bust my ass for her, she's never had ANY problems from me, and she gave me shit? Ok, fuck yourself. I'm so out of there as soon as I can. Its bullshit how she takes advantage of people. Especially the people she shouldn't. I wish I could just up and quit. I'd like to just stick it to them.

How People Change, For Other People:
Its funny how people change for others. And how they don't stick up for themselves. Its just amusing. Funny how people say one thing, then someone else influences them and they go back on what they say or even want! I can't believe some people choose something over something else. Especially when that something else, is actually there for you or is your true friend.

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