June 30, 2011

Just One Kiss...

What I wouldn't do for just one kiss this morning. I had a feeling I wouldn't get to talk to Pat, but still I had that anxious feeling. I knew I had to be up early though, so I was sort of thankful. It saved me from being snappy or bitchy with him. I hate the Afghan 'state-of-mind'. I liked the EMV 'state-of -mind' much better. When he was training in California, he was sweet and loving. Afghan has made him almost cynical, sarcastic, and something else. I haven't put my finger on it yet. I wonder how he's really feeling, sleeping, and what he's really thinking about. I hope things start looking up for him and he just makes the best of it. I know that is hard, but there's no reason he couldn't try.

Please check out the links below the header :) I just found out about these. They're pages, set up like posts. They remind me of the documents on Facebook groups. I can add to them all the time and it's one continuous post. I think it would be cool if  every time I 'edited' the page (added something to the post) it would record a (1) or something next to the link so you would know it was updated. I may have to suggest that to the Blogger people :) Anyway, I'm just trying to help fellow Marine sisters out and give them some help by sharing my experience and what I have learned so far. So please, check them out! (I may or may not change the Care Package Tips page... Haven't decided yet!)

Any suggestions are welcome!

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