June 14, 2011

"And I'm lost without you"

[ Crossing my fingers that I get to talk to Pat tonight. ]

I just made sugar cookies. I'm bored and anxious. And felt like being productive. I would vacuum but I don't think that's a good idea at 10pm. I cleaned the big bathroom the other day before work. I just need to scrub the bathtub down. Maybe I'll work on our bathroom. Or I am getting a little tired. I might just lay down and watch a movie. I did have two beers... Soooo....

I got to see Amanda today! Her, her mom, and Steph came to Wilmington to look at houses so we met at Elizabeth's for lunch. I had an awesome 'Create Your Own' salad. Pat would love it. I wish they had a restaurant here. I would get a salad every day! So we had lunch then we drove around looking at/for houses. It was so nice! I miss Amanda a lot and wish she'd move down here. She definitely needs to get down here again, soon. We only got to spend like 2 hours together. But I'm grateful for that. We found this awesome development, too. I would buy a house there, for sure.

I'm off tomorrow and I wish I could drive out to Myrtle Beach. It's so easy to get to from JVille but I don't want to use the gas money. I have to send Pat's 2nd package and pay bills. My other friend, Wendy, and her family are in Myrtle this week too. I could have seen all of them :( And I haven't seen her in a LONG time. We didn't get to get together on any holiday leaves or predep leave. It's sucks when they're all so close but I still can't see them. Or when I have to work instead! Blah. I have to see if I can get like 4 days off for Ash's wedding shower in July too. I'm sure they won't be happy about it. And 4 days is going to be rough. I'd have to drive one, be home for two, then drive home on the 4th and I know they'll schedule me early on the 5th day. And the drive all by myself... ughhh. I don't even know if I want to see what plane tickets are... maybe I'll look into that. And I'll just have a carry on.


I wish I was a millionaire.

I love you Patrick Sean. <3

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