June 22, 2011

I'll Love You Longer Than Forever♥

[ With your love I'm never alone ]

I got to talk to Pat, it had been a few days. I was happy :) He was fixing another companies generators and stuff, being Mr. Fixit. I hope the rest of the months go by as fast as this past one. I have a few packages to send him but I don't think I'll make it to the post office to get the customs forms. Maybe I'll stop at the PostNet store and see if they have some after work and then I'll fill them out and try to get back to the PostNet store to send them out. I hope he likes everything I put in them. And I hope the fan makes it without getting broken. I padded it but it was only with the stuff left over from Pat's Pelican Case that was left over. I want to talk to him tonight but I work really early tomorrow so I would get no sleep before work. And I want to get up early so I can do the dishes and make some coffee.

I'm watching The Rite before bed. I love Anthony Hopkins. I think he really brings life to his characters and I like his voice. This movies pretty creepy. It wasn't to bad when it first started, then it started to pick up half way through. But it's nothing really special. The story is unique but I probably wouldn't buy it. But then again, I don't normally buy scary/thriller movies. I haven't bought any DVDs lately at all. I've been watching a lot of Netflix. Doing tv show marathons. I watched That 70s Show and Roseanne so far. I started on Ancient Aliens. But I haven't had time to actually watch it. Between there, I've watched a bunch of movies too. One that's noteworthy is The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It was actually cute and I liked the story. I was surprised, at first I had no intention of even watching it, I was just going to send it right back, but then decided against that.

Ewww, I'm at the part in The Rite where they're performing the exorcism on Hopkins and the demon  is saying all kinds of stuff, they made Hopkins look really creepy. Good job, makeup.

I think I better get to bed so I can try to fall asleep at a decent time. 
I love you Patrick Sean, please stay safe.


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